Thursday, 16 January 2014

Walmart, I hate you.

Things are looking up.. since today is Thursday and tomorrow is Friday and then the weekend is here!!!!!

Last Saturday, I won $100 Walmart gift card at my work party. I try to avoid Walmart at all cost so I just planned on using the card for gas until I realized the Walmart by me does not have gas. So I looked online and decided to get a Fitbit on Monday evening. I wondered around the store looking for this damn thing until I came to the conclusion that they did not have the one I wanted (and the employees working the night shift were no help). Since they did not have a Fitbit, I settled for a few random items that added up to $100 so I wouldn't have to step foot in the store again. After waiting for almost 20 minutes in line, I left with groceries for the week, a new ceramic baking pan and throw pillows for my couch. See below.

I am not a fan of Walmart for several reasons.
1. I think Walmart is sketchy.
2. If I am going to get mugged, I feel like it would happen in a Walmart parking lot.
3. Baskets are scattered around the parking lot waiting to hit my car.
4. The check-out lines are the world's worst.
5. I had to shop at Walmart during college (because that was Huntsville's one stop shop) and one time I was checking out and the lady handed me $80 cash back... she let me know that I had selected $80 cash back while signing my receipt (which I did not). Well, my college checking account did not have 80 bones to spare which made me over-draft my account and cry.
6. & Target is 4713289132 times better.

Taken before I cut those awful white tags off.
I spy two evil eye pups.
It's Almost Friday!!!!!

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  1. Yea not a fan of Wally World either. I saw people try to steal a tv from there once. Yea they cater to the lowest common denominator.