Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Pinterest Fail

Weekend update on a Tuesday....
Friday night started off with a lovely dinner. I had two of my crossfit friends over. I cooked salmon, sweet potatoes & asparagus. There is a story behind those place mats..... if you were given a blank map of the US, could you fill in each state in the correct location? I couldn't. And it is really sad how many states I actually got correct. So my friend got me these place mats for Christmas.


I cooked the salmon on my cast iron skillet and it was amazing.
I busted out the fine china. 
Ohh Pinterest.....you leave me with high hopes that I can cook something pretty & great. 
Nailed it.

Saturday I had lunch with some family at Ninfas. < one of my all time favorite Mexican food places.
This is what I get when I ask my
brother to take a picture.


Fajita chicken, homemade tortillas & pachuca gravy hit the spot.
Heart attach in a bowl.
Saturday night my sister stayed over and this is her version of the bananas dipped in chocolate with peanut butter.

Sunday we did some shopping. My work Holiday Party is this weekend and I needed to find a dress.
not prego/ prego
Thank goodness I found this little gem at Nordstrom. I can definitly wear this throughout the year.  Glad the party is after the  holidays so I am not as busy!

I am going to wear nude shoes and gold earrings.  

Hope everyone's week is off to a great start!

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  1. What no dressing room pics of you?
    I have a love hate relationship with pinterst. Lov to look but everything ends up in a mess with me cussing puma storm bc I can't make it look just like the pretty pic!