Thursday, 18 December 2014

Blogging in bed

Good news first, I start a new (medical sales) job January 5th!! This is something I have wanted to do since college but the opportunity was never my ideal position and companies wanted to start me out making very little money. My mom has worked in the industry for 10+ years and now is starting her own business. When she put in her two week notice her boss said "do you think Ashten will be interested in taking over your position & accounts?".


Had a little interview/ beer with the bosses, discussed benefits and money. Bam, the job was mine. 

The hard part is always notifying your current employer. I have worked for this company since February- it was a start up company with 5 employees. I took care of everything from insurance- payroll - HR- AR - AP - contracts. Keep in mind I was hired for marketing... Didn't have time for it. Currently the company has 72 employees. It was insane but I learned so much. Since I am responsible for so much I gave a months notice and surprisingly made it 8 days before telling them all to F off. 

Of course when someone quits everyone whispers about the reasoning why and it always gets twisted. 

My boyfriend Bo decided to step away also and return to our previous employer. Which I got blamed for. Who knew men can be so nasty to each other. The amount of gossiping and back stabbing that goes on at that office blows my mind. We are both leaving at the right time and walking out of that office yesterday gave me such great relief. 

Now that that is behind me I am so excited for what this new job has in store. I can't wait to be out & about instead of sitting at a desk all day- change of pace for sure but I think I will do great && I am so thankful this opportunity came along. 

Me and Bo both start our new jobs on the 5th so we have a little 2 week (low budget moneyless) vacation that starts today. I have to keep reminding myself that I won't get a normal paycheck until the 3rd week of January. Scary.