Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Homeless man tried to holler.

Yesterday, between a meeting and happy hour I spent some time driving around downtown on a Starbucks hunt..after 40 minutes I actually found 1 that I could get to without paying to park or walking 4 blocks. All that for a coffee and cake pop (< have you tried those?) 

I saw several things while I was driving around that made me think "THANK GOD I DO NOT WORK HERE" 

- huge groups of people cramming on metro busses. 

Ladies walking (probably to the busses) carrying their heels, also it was raining.. I wanted to give them a ride.

- people have to walk everywhere 

- parking is expensive

- thugs & Sketchy areas

Anyways, it was time for happy hour so I went on another hunt for a parking space... Found one 2 blocks away from the bar and began walking fast. The bar was in sight and I was feeling safe until I heard a homeless guy "holler" at me as i passed. "Hey girl, I like that dress, where you headed!" I didn't know I could walk faster that I already was, but it happened. 

Anyways, today I am in a seminar learning about Texas Mutual... So fun. 

My dad, step-mom (heather) & jace arrive tonight!!!! I am so excited! 

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

This week's happenings..

This week is going to be pretty crazy... Thursday my Dad/step-mom/ & Jace come in town for a week(I haven't seen them since Thanksgiving so I am pretty excited!)  & I have the Valero Texas Open this weekend. Starting Thursday, everything is going to be a big blur, in a good way. I have tried getting out of going to the Open but this is the first marketing activity with my new job and I kind of have to be there.. but I am looking forward to seeing all the clients and boozing it up laying out by the fancy pool at the JW Marriott in San Antonio. This is such a fun event each year and who wouldn't want to spend the weekend here?

Love it.
You kind find me here...

So, this is what the rest of my week is going to look like...

Tonight- gym, find some new black sandals (make sure I have everything I need for this weekend)
Wednesday- OWIT Happy Hour
Thursday- meet the family for dinner
Friday- spend the morning with family, head to San Antonio after lunch... &&& I was just informed we have a party bus picking us up at the hotel Friday night and taking us downtown. Did I mention I love my new job?
Saturday: relax by the pool, watch some of the Valero Open, entertain clients
Sunday: same thing as Saturday plus a fancy dinner party
Monday: I will wake up super early and drive home to spend the day with the fam

Happy Tuesday! Hope your week is off to a great start!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

My mind was blown

The Miley concert was effing amazing, probably the best concert I have EVER been to.. and I went to see George Strait last year, so that tells you how bad-ass it was. I was in awe the entire time. At one point Nicole and I looked at each other and were just speechless.  
So glad I got to go with these girls.
balloons galore

And then there was 2 guys who showed up to the concert all alone... I asked if they lost a bet and they cocked an attitude and those punks informed me that "the guy to girl ratio is like 1 to 3 so who is the stupid one?" They were young and dumb and pretty much put me in my place.

Just trying to sneak a pic of them..
Balloons: pre concert
Face: the tongue was a slide that she slid out onto the stage on. (which I thought was brilliant)
Wolf: Cant be tamed
& Grand Finale

And then she sang Party in the USA and everyone freaked.
Grand Finale

I would go to the concert again tonight if I could. It was just so great.

Hope everyone's week is off to a great start!

& It is almost April.. this year is flying by!

Friday, 14 March 2014

Alot about nothing + Miley Concert is Sunday

This week flew by! Being so busy at work helps the days go by fast which I really like.. I think in a year from now I will look back and this whole year will be a blur.
Also, I have to note that I started back at the gym this week.. these poor muscles of mine hate me.
The boss was out of the office most of the week which lead me to learning his signature. We had a $56,000.00 check we needed to put in the bank which was kind of important. I filled up 4 pages practicing and I think I have it down.
Wednesday I went to see Jake Owen with some friends from high school. Honestly I was not looking forward to it because I knew I wouldn't be home until midnight which would've made for a horrible Thursday but we had a great time and I wasn't too tired. Thanks to coffee.
& I am pretty sure we were those girls who take a million pictures and everyone behind us thought we were annoying.
You know those girls who stand up and sing and dance throughout the entire performance when it's not appropriate? We saw plenty of them.
AND I will be at the MILEY concert this Sunday and I am sure I will be one of those girls. But it will be totally appropriate...right?

Hope you have a great weekend!!!!!!!!

& Since it is Friday, let's #backthatazzup to Miley


We Can't Stop by Miley Cyrus on Grooveshark

Monday, 10 March 2014

Guys VS Me

Working in an office with all guys is interesting.

The other day, the guys were sitting around bullshitting (while the boss was gone) and  they got on the topic of Siri and then they asked her some questions...

Siri, are you gay?
Siri, will you sleep with me?
Siri, will you go to dinner with me?

Keep in mind these are grown ass men. I was dying.

One said, you know Ashten is in her office. Followed by someone saying, we need to put bells on her pants so we know when she is around. Followed by, yea she is going to learn so much by working with us she will never want to get married. Followed by, yea when her husband tells her he is going hunting she will say, "the hell you are" and check every gun case to find where the starched clothes are hidden. Followed by, I just take my clothes straight to the cleaners and pick them up when I need them and the wife never knows. SERIOUSLY?!?!

I am learning some valuable information. And I am also learning that these men aren't the best husbands. Good guys still exist right?????

Hope you all have a great week!

Friday, 7 March 2014

Hey, its me again.

Holy shit balls. < I literally just said that and it's only 8 AM. I feel like I need to start my day off with (at least) 30 minutes for blogging to get on top of this being a blogger thing, and get my fix. Let's be real, I think people read this mess while they are at work. Right? Is it like a rule that we are supposed to post in the morning? When I used to read blogs all day I liked it when people had set days & times when they post. There is no consistency here.. well there used to be and I hope it will be back soon.

I just feel like I have been living in a tornado, shit it everywhere, I am being pulled in a million directions, I can barely remember what I did 10 minutes ago and what I need to do next. My mind is blown.

Moving on...

Houston Rodeo is under way... tonight I will be seeing Usher! I am so excited!!!

I have no other plans for the rest of the weekend which makes me really happy.

OMG (feat. by Usher on Grooveshark

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Weekend recap.

Well my first full week of the new job was insane and a blur and I wonder if and when things will ever slow down. 

I really miss showing up to work and bullshitting while casually catching up on emails/blogging for the first few hours and then consider being productive for the day. I literally get to work early (crazy I know) and it's madness right away.

I am the only female in the office right now which means I do everything. EVERYTHING. I kid you not, today one of the guys asked me how to create a folder on his desktop. I laughed like, are you kidding?! Ummm, right click > create > new folder. Then he says, ok can you show me that one more time. UM, NO. IM TOO BUSY FILLING OUT YOUR BULLSHIT PAPERWORK. Gosh, I just had to laugh. Men..

So over the weekend was the Houston Rodeo Cookoff. We sponsored a tent so on Thursday night we had clients out there for a little meet and great. The clients left around 10 and it went downhill fast. After the Cookoff ended, we ended up at Wild West around midnight. Friday I rolled into the office about 11 for a meeting and was home by 3. Took a
nap and headed back out to the Cookoff
at 7. Aaaaand did the same thing Saturday night. Sunday slept all day and had some Mexican food to help cure the 3 day hangover. 


Tonight I am off to see Brad Paisley with some lovely ladies. 

Oh and... 13 days until the concert of the year!!!