Wednesday, 4 June 2014

River Trip Shenanigans

I went to the river last weekend for my friends birthday party. We got there Friday night, pitched our tent (I need one of my friends to invest in a camper because I am too old for this), had a few beers and called it a night. Woke up Saturday sweating. It is HOT here in Texas. We had breakfast burritos and mimosas for breakfast, packed the coolers and headed to float.

The first half of the 6 hour float trip is easy to remember... the second half is a little hazy. Probably because the amount of alcohol I can consume on the river seems to be a little more than I ever would if I was just sitting around on a Saturday afternoon..& my drink of choice is vodka & crystal light...
I get a water bottle, pour like 2 inches of water out, pour in vodka, add the crystal light single packet & shake. Done & Done. Well, I had 7 of these bad boys.... I actually went to sleep about 7:30, woke up at midnight with a hangover (as everyone else was going to bed) and got it all over with so Sunday I actually felt fine. & here is a photo dump from what I found on my phone...

when is the last time you crimped your hair???
We did this Friday in our free time waiting on our drive
(aka Meredith's bf)
View from our fancy camp site
Sunni's cake
ryan was having trouble with those candles
Not sure why I made him pose alone...
Just a little side rant.. & all you really need for camping.
I had to go solo this weekend, Bo had to work and I was pretty much counting on him being off.. I didn't prepare much for this trip because I was thinking he would be there to take care of everything. Plus my friends were bringing the tent and everything else we really needed... Hence the reason I only packed a case of water, vodka, blanket, pillow, and bathing suit + cover up.
Everyone gave me shit all weekend, but they covered for me and let me eat their food and drinks...
because they are great friends I guess. BUT everyone else had a shit ton to pack up on Sunday and I was ready to go in like 2 minutes... & I was still wearing my bathing suit.. good times.

My pups went to their fancy vacation home... Nana's house &
she was super nice and got them groomed
Mom & Aaron got me this wine from Greece
& it came in this cute hand painted wine bag!
ITS HUMP DAYYYYY. I need a vacation.