Friday, 27 February 2015

The time I ran out of gas.

So it was my 4th week here at my new job. Just driving down the road, normal day. All the sudden my car starts slowing down. I press harder on the gas and nothing. Still coming to a stop. I yelled- what is wrong with this car??? Oh that little gauge that tells me if I have gas or not, well it was on empty. 

Thank god I was close to a gas station because I proceeded to get out and ask the sweet man behind me if he could "bump" my car to the gas pump. "Bump" as in he just hit my car with his car and I steered until we got close to the pump then we pushed it. The whole time I was dying laughing. I'm sure everyone thougt I was nuts but when something bad happens, I laugh. 

My family and friends were really questioning how I proceeded to run out of gas?! "Who does that??" 
I feel like I have a valid argument because this car doesn't alert, chime, blink when the gas is low. Now it does have a small gauge that I obviously didn't pay attention to. 

I really hate stopping for gas. The day before this incident I noticed I had 1/4 of a tank and thought- eh I'll stop tomorrow. But now if I get down to 1/4, I stop immediately. Lesson learned. 

People at work did find out because my bumper isn't in the best shape after being "bumped". I didn't get in trouble.. I think they felt bad for me. 

Oh hey it's me.

Loving my new job, sales life is where it's at.

I just drive everywhere all day long. 

Delivering goodies and chatting it up with my referral sources. 

Thank god I have a work car because I would be putting tonssss on my own.

This is my "desk" area. Real organized. You don't want to see the trunk. 

ITS FRIDAY!!!! & it's rodeo time in Houston. Time for some beer and barbecue.