Thursday, 29 May 2014

My mom is engaged!

So my mom is a little crazy... her and my step-dad were married for 11 years then decided divorce was the only option. I was in college, it didn't affect me much. I am still close with him, I adore his girlfriend & we hang out every once in a while.

Back to my mom... well, she went a little crazy for the past 5 years... crazy as in she went from relationship to relationship and she blamed it on "re-living her 20's because she had 2 kids back then" which annoys me because, ugh hello, it's your own fault you had kids. Anyways, I couldn't care less to meet another boyfriend of hers. I was never super nice to any of them.. nor was Jillian. We kind of teamed up and didn't engage in conversation because we were just really over it. But we were never super rude.. we just did our own thing. The main thing that drives us nuts is the way our mother acts.. she can put up a front and be over the top nice and affectionate and we are like EW STOP.
Ok, My rant is over...

A year ago she started dating a new guy, I actually met him on accident. I was going to meet my mom & her friends for wine and he surprised her and me when he busted up our cocktail hour. But he seemed very nice and I decided I should give this guy a chance. Fast forward a year to a bar downtown where we all met up for a drink one night where Aaron asked if I would have his blessing to marry my mom. Literally my first reaction was , "Really, are you sure?" and he said, "One thousand percent" and I said, "yes of course I am totally fine with that." And that was about it. He asked my brother, Jillian & my grandparents. Everyone said yes.

Aaron took my mom on a last minute trip to Greece this week.. First of all... Who takes last minute trips to Greece?? Only place I go last minute is somewhere within a 100 mile radius. I digress. He proposed to my mom on Monday and we all got picture texts of the ring with her saying "I said yes!!". I think she knew it was coming... but I am glad she is happy and I am 100% done having to meet her boyfriends. Looks like they are having a great time in Greece and I may have to make a trip there one of these days!!

here is the ring!
this is their fancy patio...

Mom & Aaron with Greece in the background.

It is almost Friday!! I am headed to the river this weekend for my friend Sunni's birthday. We always float the river for her birthday & it is an amazing time... Last year I had 1 (or 4) too many Vodka/crystal light mixtures on the river... ran through a fence and this happened to my back/shoulder... good times.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

What's happenin' < is that how that's even spelled?

 A lot has been happening...

Let's start with work. It is insane.
  • We moved into the triple wide. Keeping it classy.
  • I am still over payroll, HR (we have a new lady Karen who took this over for me), marketing & PR, Insurance, Accounting  (I have accounting help now and we are hiring someone full time on Thursday), & anything else that needs to be done.
  • Speaking of hiring someone... I was in charge of getting candidates... I reached out to several sources and came up with 6 people who are well qualified (they are all perfect on paper) one of the bosses is coming in from Holland to conduct the interviews.. and I will just sit in to make sure these people are a good fit for our office. A good fit for our office will be... a lady.. who likes Ellie Goulding, Alanis Morissette & Clay Walker Pandora stations. Is it bad that I don't want a guy? I have to share an office with this person for the time being...
That 30 day cleanse I started... lasted a solid 3 weeks. 3 weeks is better than nothing.. and I need to do another one ASAP.

IT IS SUMMER TIME!!!!!!! There is nothing better than floating the river (or laying out anywhere) & having a cold one with friends. Love it.

I am kind of dating someone... and as in kind of I mean he brought his laundry basket to my house so its a little more than kind of. We met through work... it is off to a good start. We have been hanging out for about a month and a half now. Here is a little breakdown of how this happened...both of us went to a co-worker's crawfish boil & hung out... found out he is a reader... both bought Divergent on Monday, read the whole book by Friday .. so our first date was at the movie theatre on Saturday followed by a few beers. Fast forward a week... I went up to his house (1.5 hrs. away) and spent the weekend.. then he spent 3 weeks in Canada for work.. I thought, OK if I miss him, this could be something. Well, I missed him. I picked him up from the airport as soon as he got back from Canada... we went to his house for Mother's day to visit his family- while we were there he did his laundry... I assumed he would take me home and stay the night since its a far drive and I am 30 minutes away from work opposed to his 90 minutes.. well when we went to leave he grabbed his laundry basket overflowing with clean clothes. I thought... hmmm that is more than 1 night's worth of clothes... but I kept it to myself. It is crazy and weird that I am totally OK with someone wrecking (in a good way) my single lifestyle. These past few weeks have been fun. I will keep you (if anyone even reads this anymore?) posted on how this turns out.

My mother is engaged. This will be a whole new post on it's own tomorrow.

Happy 4 day work week!!!