Monday, 24 February 2014

Weekend in Breckenridge

Just a little recap in pictures while waiting for our flight home.

Headed to the airport on Friday afternoon..

Found out our flight was delayed 2 hours due to high winds in Denver... So we spent the extra time eating and drinking.
Arrived at our hotel at 2:30 am, slept for 4.5 hours and woke up ready to ski. 

Saturday night we went out for some dinner and drinks. Little sis was a trooper and celebrated national margarita day with a virgin one.. Pretty much just lemonade. 

Sunday we hit the slopes again, Me and Jillian decided to ski a bit on our own because we were tired of waiting on the slow pokes... And then this happened! 
>> As we got on a ski lift I noticed a warning sign "warning, this lift will take you to all difficult/ black slopes". And then I looked around and realized everyone getting on this lift looked pretty serious about skiing, and here is me and Jillian acting like we know what we are getting ourselves into ... So we got to the top and decided to take Crystal down since that sounded easiest. And we weren't going to be THOSE PEOPLE who ride the lift down, embarrassing.
We survived and it actually wasn't too bad!

Oh and the picture on the right is when jillIan missed the lift and had to ride all alone.... See her tiny self on the lift?! I thought it was pretty funny!

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!!!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Just catching up...

I started my new job today!!!! Check out this fancy office..don't be jelly. We have 6 employees crammed in there.
We get a tripple wide in a month-just keeping it classy! 

& I have Friday and Monday off because I will be here.... 

Celebrating my moms 44th birthday... 

TGIF- hope everyone has awesome weekend plans! 

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

2 week notice turned into 2 hour notice

Yesterday was a long stressful day... Let me catch you up... I accepted a new job on Saturday, knowing I would give a 2 week notice to my current employer, I said the earliest I could start would be March 3. I gave Nicole (supervisor) a heads up on Saturday and informed her I had been offered a deal I couldn't pass up. She was so understanding and happy for me which made me feel good. We discussed the plan to turn in my notice Monday morning and I would continue to work the last 2 weeks because we are super busy right now. 

Well, Monday morning rolls around and we fill our boss in on the news. I type up a letter and take it to HR. Done and done. A few minutes later 4 other employees turned in their notice and as soon as the CEO found out we were all going to work for a competitor they made us all leave. 

I should've known this was going to happen but I did not want to go out with a bang like those other 4 guys were planning on. It just so happened that I turned in my notice the same day as them and I think if I would've done it on a different day maybe things would've gone more smooth. 

I was really emotional all day because I did not prepare myself to say goodbye to people I have seen every day for the past 3 years. (Half of the people I didn't even get to say goodbye to but we will keep in touch through Facebook and much needed happy hours). 

I was SO not ready to say bye to Nicole! Her and I sat right next to eachother for a year and literally became a dynamic duo of our office. We kept eachother sane when our work or personal lives were hectic and bless her heart for listening to me vent about drama in my life.  We share a love for Miley like no one else I know and I cannot wait to go to the concert together march 16th! I'm going to miss N catching me up on all of the reality gossip, talking about our favorite Tv shows, and her correcting me when I use words in the wrong context. I am so thankful she shared her knowledge of the shipping industry with me and was so patient when I asked her the same questions over and over. She has become one of my best friends and it's going to be weird and sad not sitting next to her every day! 

As rough as yesterday was I need to remember that everything happens for a reason and my new job will be great. I am really excited for the opportunity to get back into marketing (which is what I went to school for). I actually just talked to my new boss and I will be starting THURADAY, yes in 2 days. So until then, I am going to soak up the sun and enjoy this 80 degree weather in houston! 

Happy Tuesday!!! 

Monday, 17 February 2014

I cannot party like I used to.. But I try

I will be posting from my phone for a while - more on that story tomorrow- so excuse the horrible grammer and small amount of texts. 

Let's start with valentines day. I went out with these two lovely ladies in Houston... Ran into a bunch of college friends, took too many shots and had a hangover alllllllllll day Saturday. I cannot party like I used to. 

I was useless on Saturday. 

I went to my friends engagement party & Here are some pictures. 
I think it turned out really cute and this little club house on the lake was the perfect location! 


And tomorrow I'll get y'all up to date on why I'll be using my phone for the next 2 weeks... I had the craziest morning.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Happy Galentines Day!!!!

I hope everyone is eating tons of chocolate (or sour patch kids) and not giving two shits about the amount of calories consumed today. I know I am. I took the day off of work today, not because I have a luxurious 3 day getaway with a handsome man, but because I have a ton of errands to take care of and some of the places are not open on weekends. So while I am out and about I may just stumble into DSW for some new kicks... and/or treat myself to a mani/pedi....but I will not buy myself any clothes. (I am sticking to my promise to not buy any clothes this month.)

A few weeks ago I joined these two lovely ladies >> Allie & AshtEn for a Valentine's Day link up. Each blogger was paired up with a "Galentine". I got pretty lucky and was paired up with Kai... so I did a little stalking and came up with a list of items. The hard part was sticking to 20 bones..but who is counting!? I don't think I have ever only spent $20 in Target. Ever. I think I picked out some great things for her! I left feeling so accomplished because I am usually that person who gets frustrated and leaves with a gift card. I mean, who doesn't like gift cards though?! Kai will be covering what I got her on Tuesday >  Hey Kai 

My package from Kai arrived!!!!
The amount of excitement that I had when I saw this box is a tad embarrassing.

Look at that fancy artwork and cute wrapping paper! - this is when I immediately thought, "Well, my packing skills were put to shame." I literally went to the UPS store with the gift (still in Target bag) with some boring white wrapping paper, stuffed the box and called it a day. > I will do better next time Kai!

The card was too cute!

It seems as though the card was blank but there was a sweet little note inside!

Girl knows how to shop...this box was packed filled with greatness!!

& I spent the rest of the night sitting on my couch eating some the entire bag of Sour Patch Kids and applying a shit ton of chapstick.

Yes, I painted Ace's nails (and his toe fur). Don't let that face fool you, he loved it.

& This is what happened during lunch yesterday. I forgot to paint the other ring finger gold!
Oops. Sorry Nicole!! Those colors are just amazing & I cannot wait to get this shellac off my nails this weekend so I can paint mine!

Thank you SO MUCH for my amazing gift Kai!
I LOVE everything!

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The time I found a goat in my backyard.

So I want to take you all back several years... back to when I was a little kindergarden girl, forced to dress in frilly clothing and rock the big hair since my mom was stuck in the 80's.

My teacher sent home a project that consisted me learning about my favorite animal and writing a short bio. Who knew 5 year olds could focus long enough to complete a project?!  After giving some thought as to what my favorite animal actually was, I decided on a goat. Why a goat?  Because my great-grandparents live on a farm with plenty of goats and I knew they would have all the information I needed. One quick phone call and this project was done. Looking back, I realize I started taking the easy way out at an early age..what a smart kid I was/am. I really wish my mom would've saved this project because I am 100% positive I drew a pack of goats on the front of my report.

Fast forward 1 week. I get home from school and there is a goat in my backyard. My Papaw found out about my project and wanted to surprise me with my FAVORITE animal. I was filled with excitement while my mom had a word alone with my papaw inside.(< Now I know what that means) If you have ever been around goats, you are aware they shit little bullets (that ended up in our pool). So, my favorite little goat was taken back to his heard after a few short weeks of being our little lawnmower. I was heart broken but eventually got over it.

This is not my goat but she looked
exactly like this. - thanks Google

Have you had any crazy pets?

- snake, hairless rat, mice, dogs, hamsters, rabbit, goat, daigou <<< however its spelled?

Hope everyone has a great Thurdayyyyyyyyy!!

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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Music to my ears.

I received horrible news. I am trying no to be dramatic here but this news was almost bad enough to ruin the rest of my day. X Factor is cancelled. WHAT THE HELL. And American Idol still has a show?!??!! I do not get it.

I just argued that X Factor is better than any other lame singing show.. I mean The Voice is pretty great when Usher is a judge.. and I am thankful he will be back this season which will (kind of) fill my void.

Anyways, I want to take a look back at some of my favorite performances. I am sure there are more but who has time to watch 423790 videos, or even 6 for that matter.

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I was explaining Drew's performance (below) to a few co-workers and sang a clip of the song (with my amazing vocals I must add), so they could get an idea of the amazing twist she put on Justin's song, Baby. I told everyone that her version is "4231 times better and it is just music to my ears". As soon as this left my mouth I knew I used this line in the wrong context. The song is literally "music to my ears" but I used it the saying totally wrong... I feel like I am talking in circles but  I know you get what I am saying. Anyways, everyone died laughing and they probably added it to the list of "Things Ashten Says That Is Wrong".

One time I said womb instead of wound. Big difference.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Playing catch up in pictures.

Thursday night, my friend Christina came over last night for a sleepover.  I went to crossfit and grabbed dinner and wine (of course) on my way home. She got to my side of town early so she stopped at the gas station down the road and picked up some goodies while she waited on me. $40 later she showed up at my place with a bag of random items.
we only was $3 on the scratch offs btw.
That Ed Hardy wine bag/cooler is just too much. I went nuts over Ed Hardy clothing back in 2008-2009. Check out the shirts below...the money wasted on those shirts is unreal.
My dogs were jelly we weren't giving them enough attention.
But they were loving
those cat treats Xtina brought them.
Question: Can dogs eat cat treats?
Friday night: crossfit and Froyo.
Saturday night was my step-dad's birthday party. My brother and I were pretty much on a secret mission. My mom cannot know we went to his party. & Actually I saw my mom on Saturday afternoon and I had to fib a little when she asked me if I had plans later on. She gets major butt hurt when we see my step-dad since they are no longer married. Literally would not speak to us and might revoke the ski trip she is paying for in 2 weeks. This man was a part of our lives for 16 years.. I cant just write him off because they had issues. Anyways, the party was a huge hit and we had a blast!

Brother & his girlfriend.

Finally reunited with two of my best friends from College.

We were the life of the party... or at least that's what we thought.

I carried that pinata around in my purse all night like it was a real pup.

It took a while to get a decent picture.
I hope everyone had a great weekend & cheers to another week!! 

Thursday, 6 February 2014

My bio that turns into a Craigslist Ad.

Believe it or not, writing a bio can be difficult..actually writing anything in 3rd person gets tricky. Most of them sound so cheesy and I just starred at a black word document for 30 minutes. I am a new member of OWIT (Organization for Women in International Trade). A friend of mine let me tag  along to different events last year and this year, not only am I a member, I am part of the BOM. Well not Board of Management but pretty effing close.  I might as well have my own secretary, travel agent & driving service. Which reminds me I should've worked out a better agreement before singing up for this, not to self for next year. Anyways, I am on the OWIT Board and I am in charge of Marking and Social Media. Right up my ally. AND Here is my bio that will not be posted to the website for obvious reasons.

Ashten Postell was born and raised in the Houston, TX. She attended Sam Houston State University where she received a Bachelor degree in Business Marketing.  After graduation, Ashten began working at Mammeot USA. She was the Marketing Coordinator for 2 ½ years and made the switch to Operations a year ago where she focuses on international shipping of Mammoet equipment to job sites around the world. Ashten enjoys spending time with family and friends and her two yorkies. She  is single and looking for a (tall, boot wearing) sugar daddy ( between the ages of 28 and 32) who has not been previously married or  has children. Since she is  pretty independent, it would not be a problem if he works out of the country for any amount of time. Also, Ashten likes the Pearland area and is not willing to move. Please email head shots to and let’s get this party started.

Oh! Also, most headshots look like this.

Thanks Google Images.

Annnnd this is the result of my professional photo shoot.
(Thank you Nicole for your services)

Just realized I have only posted once this week which is horrible. I mean, I speak as if I have tons of people stopping by to read this nonsense on the daily.

Happy Thursday y'all! Which means tomorrow is Friday! & Friday's are the best.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Being Accountable

I was a horrible blogger this weekend and barely took any pictures so instead of boring you with nonsense that took place over the last 2 days I will move right along to a new Link-Up!

I have been doing pretty great with my New Year's Resolutions but I thought I would add a few more to focus on each month. Below are a few goals I have for February.

No fast food. > I can honestly say that I cannot remember the last time I went through a drive through so this should be pretty easy for me. I have been cooking at home more and planning snacks for the road when I am out & about.

Church every Sunday. > I have visited New Hope for the past 3 weeks and I really love it so I don't see this being hard to accomplish. But I will be in Breckenridge on Feb 23 so that will be the only Sunday I will miss.

Organize my closet. > It really needs some love.

Meditate. > This is something I have been wanting to look into. I am usually so busy and my mind is constantly on overdrive. I need to take time for myself to disconnect from everything and center my energy.

Work out 20 times. > I have been working out 6 days a week so this is a reasonable amount.

No new clothes. > This one is going to be really hard but Ashley has inspired me. My bank account could use a break so this should be really great! I think I can, I think I can.

Drink more water. > Last week I told my co-worker that I have been drinking alot of water as I took a drink of my tea. She called me out and said tea isn't water.. and I said, it's pretty much the same thing.. and she said, no... no its not.

Link Up

Cheers to another Monday y'all! I hope everyone's week is off to a great start!