Monday, 10 February 2014

Playing catch up in pictures.

Thursday night, my friend Christina came over last night for a sleepover.  I went to crossfit and grabbed dinner and wine (of course) on my way home. She got to my side of town early so she stopped at the gas station down the road and picked up some goodies while she waited on me. $40 later she showed up at my place with a bag of random items.
we only was $3 on the scratch offs btw.
That Ed Hardy wine bag/cooler is just too much. I went nuts over Ed Hardy clothing back in 2008-2009. Check out the shirts below...the money wasted on those shirts is unreal.
My dogs were jelly we weren't giving them enough attention.
But they were loving
those cat treats Xtina brought them.
Question: Can dogs eat cat treats?
Friday night: crossfit and Froyo.
Saturday night was my step-dad's birthday party. My brother and I were pretty much on a secret mission. My mom cannot know we went to his party. & Actually I saw my mom on Saturday afternoon and I had to fib a little when she asked me if I had plans later on. She gets major butt hurt when we see my step-dad since they are no longer married. Literally would not speak to us and might revoke the ski trip she is paying for in 2 weeks. This man was a part of our lives for 16 years.. I cant just write him off because they had issues. Anyways, the party was a huge hit and we had a blast!

Brother & his girlfriend.

Finally reunited with two of my best friends from College.

We were the life of the party... or at least that's what we thought.

I carried that pinata around in my purse all night like it was a real pup.

It took a while to get a decent picture.
I hope everyone had a great weekend & cheers to another week!! 

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  1. I'm so glad you went friend. That has to be hard to have to yoyo between them but I love the fun you had! hehe Happy Tuesday eve!