Tuesday, 18 February 2014

2 week notice turned into 2 hour notice

Yesterday was a long stressful day... Let me catch you up... I accepted a new job on Saturday, knowing I would give a 2 week notice to my current employer, I said the earliest I could start would be March 3. I gave Nicole (supervisor) a heads up on Saturday and informed her I had been offered a deal I couldn't pass up. She was so understanding and happy for me which made me feel good. We discussed the plan to turn in my notice Monday morning and I would continue to work the last 2 weeks because we are super busy right now. 

Well, Monday morning rolls around and we fill our boss in on the news. I type up a letter and take it to HR. Done and done. A few minutes later 4 other employees turned in their notice and as soon as the CEO found out we were all going to work for a competitor they made us all leave. 

I should've known this was going to happen but I did not want to go out with a bang like those other 4 guys were planning on. It just so happened that I turned in my notice the same day as them and I think if I would've done it on a different day maybe things would've gone more smooth. 

I was really emotional all day because I did not prepare myself to say goodbye to people I have seen every day for the past 3 years. (Half of the people I didn't even get to say goodbye to but we will keep in touch through Facebook and much needed happy hours). 

I was SO not ready to say bye to Nicole! Her and I sat right next to eachother for a year and literally became a dynamic duo of our office. We kept eachother sane when our work or personal lives were hectic and bless her heart for listening to me vent about drama in my life.  We share a love for Miley like no one else I know and I cannot wait to go to the concert together march 16th! I'm going to miss N catching me up on all of the reality gossip, talking about our favorite Tv shows, and her correcting me when I use words in the wrong context. I am so thankful she shared her knowledge of the shipping industry with me and was so patient when I asked her the same questions over and over. She has become one of my best friends and it's going to be weird and sad not sitting next to her every day! 

As rough as yesterday was I need to remember that everything happens for a reason and my new job will be great. I am really excited for the opportunity to get back into marketing (which is what I went to school for). I actually just talked to my new boss and I will be starting THURADAY, yes in 2 days. So until then, I am going to soak up the sun and enjoy this 80 degree weather in houston! 

Happy Tuesday!!! 


  1. Isn't this weather great? And congrats on the new job!

  2. That's crazy that the CEO made you leave... I would have been really emotional too. But yay for a new job - and one that you'll be using your degree for!!!