Monday, 24 February 2014

Weekend in Breckenridge

Just a little recap in pictures while waiting for our flight home.

Headed to the airport on Friday afternoon..

Found out our flight was delayed 2 hours due to high winds in Denver... So we spent the extra time eating and drinking.
Arrived at our hotel at 2:30 am, slept for 4.5 hours and woke up ready to ski. 

Saturday night we went out for some dinner and drinks. Little sis was a trooper and celebrated national margarita day with a virgin one.. Pretty much just lemonade. 

Sunday we hit the slopes again, Me and Jillian decided to ski a bit on our own because we were tired of waiting on the slow pokes... And then this happened! 
>> As we got on a ski lift I noticed a warning sign "warning, this lift will take you to all difficult/ black slopes". And then I looked around and realized everyone getting on this lift looked pretty serious about skiing, and here is me and Jillian acting like we know what we are getting ourselves into ... So we got to the top and decided to take Crystal down since that sounded easiest. And we weren't going to be THOSE PEOPLE who ride the lift down, embarrassing.
We survived and it actually wasn't too bad!

Oh and the picture on the right is when jillIan missed the lift and had to ride all alone.... See her tiny self on the lift?! I thought it was pretty funny!

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!!!

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  1. fun fun fun!!! Love skiing! So jelly!!! :)
    Hows the new job?