Thursday, 13 February 2014

The time I found a goat in my backyard.

So I want to take you all back several years... back to when I was a little kindergarden girl, forced to dress in frilly clothing and rock the big hair since my mom was stuck in the 80's.

My teacher sent home a project that consisted me learning about my favorite animal and writing a short bio. Who knew 5 year olds could focus long enough to complete a project?!  After giving some thought as to what my favorite animal actually was, I decided on a goat. Why a goat?  Because my great-grandparents live on a farm with plenty of goats and I knew they would have all the information I needed. One quick phone call and this project was done. Looking back, I realize I started taking the easy way out at an early age..what a smart kid I was/am. I really wish my mom would've saved this project because I am 100% positive I drew a pack of goats on the front of my report.

Fast forward 1 week. I get home from school and there is a goat in my backyard. My Papaw found out about my project and wanted to surprise me with my FAVORITE animal. I was filled with excitement while my mom had a word alone with my papaw inside.(< Now I know what that means) If you have ever been around goats, you are aware they shit little bullets (that ended up in our pool). So, my favorite little goat was taken back to his heard after a few short weeks of being our little lawnmower. I was heart broken but eventually got over it.

This is not my goat but she looked
exactly like this. - thanks Google

Have you had any crazy pets?

- snake, hairless rat, mice, dogs, hamsters, rabbit, goat, daigou <<< however its spelled?

Hope everyone has a great Thurdayyyyyyyyy!!

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  1. To funny. I hate goats. We lived out in the country when we first got married and rented a house on 30 acres.
    The people we rented from had goats and the jumped in my car and pooped everywhere. And I think they look satanic.

  2. I grew up in the country and had all kinds of typical "farm animals" but never a goat. One of my friends had one and apparently it ate EVERYTHING (shoe laces, cushions, etc.)

  3. We had two goats one time. My sister put horse halters on their bodies, tied them to her wagon, and taught them to pull her around. It was hilarious. She even entered in a parade and they pulled her. It was a very small town parade that let a little girl enter with her two goats and be pulled.