Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Music to my ears.

I received horrible news. I am trying no to be dramatic here but this news was almost bad enough to ruin the rest of my day. X Factor is cancelled. WHAT THE HELL. And American Idol still has a show?!??!! I do not get it.

I just argued that X Factor is better than any other lame singing show.. I mean The Voice is pretty great when Usher is a judge.. and I am thankful he will be back this season which will (kind of) fill my void.

Anyways, I want to take a look back at some of my favorite performances. I am sure there are more but who has time to watch 423790 videos, or even 6 for that matter.

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I was explaining Drew's performance (below) to a few co-workers and sang a clip of the song (with my amazing vocals I must add), so they could get an idea of the amazing twist she put on Justin's song, Baby. I told everyone that her version is "4231 times better and it is just music to my ears". As soon as this left my mouth I knew I used this line in the wrong context. The song is literally "music to my ears" but I used it the saying totally wrong... I feel like I am talking in circles but  I know you get what I am saying. Anyways, everyone died laughing and they probably added it to the list of "Things Ashten Says That Is Wrong".

One time I said womb instead of wound. Big difference.


  1. Totally something I would say! The x-factor being cancelled is a total bummer though. I wasn't terribly attached to it, but always love a good competition show.

  2. Hahha that's so funny. No, actually, I guess it is LITERALLY music to my ears. LOL!
    Cute blog, new follower!
    Kallie @ But First, Coffee