Friday, 31 January 2014

Little gems

I am not the biggest fan of Valentines Day, I mean it is just another day right? If I had a hot date lined up maybe I would feel a little differently. Usually this day is filled with drinking tons of booze with my single friends and shit talking about how lame people in relationships are.  But these days it seems as though everyone is getting married and dating someone great and I am over here like- who wants to get shit faced with me? Oh, no one, because everyone is lame and has lame date plans with their lame BFs.

BUT no ones needs a hot date if you have a Galentine.. I have linked up with Ashten & Allie for their "Galentine's Day". Everyone who signed up was paired with another blogger and we have a week to decide the best way to spend $20 on our Galentine. I found out yesterday that I have been paired with KAI! & the stalking began. The hard part, keeping cost at $20.00. Which got me thinking about some items I love that are pretty cheap. Here are a few of my go-to products that I use daily.

RevlonColorburst Balm Stain
Revlon Colorburst Stain
Sweet Mint Lip Balm from Evolution of Smooth
Fav chapstick
Japanese Cherry Blossom Travel Size Body Lotion - Signature Collection - Bath & Body Works
Hand lotion

bouncer, it's me! - blues By Essie
Nail polish

Women's UA Mini Headbands
These headbands are great
for the gym.

This whole Blog Land can be a little confusing but I am slowly figuring things out... I signed up for Bloglivin. So follow me.. or else. :)

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Hope everyone has some amazing weekend plans!!!
My weekend is filled with crossfit, baby shower, dinner, church & massage OH and I almost forgot the Super Bowl. What team are you rooting for??

Song of the week goes to the one and only Beyoncé.
Did you see her Grammy performance? It was insane.
                                             Drunk In Love by Beyoncé Feat. Jay-Z on Grooveshark

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Identity Crisis

Ok, so I have had this blog for 4 whole months now.. I am so new to this thing and I don't know much but I do know that I cannot stand the title of this thing. no joke.

Here is what happened...
I put little thought into the title because I was being impatient (nothing new). I started this blog in a matter of minutes and put little thought into the small details. I just grabbed a template, played around with a few colors and posted a picture. Done & done. I am not the best writer, my grammar needs help and my posts are a work in progress. I know it needs work but that stuff does not bother me. The title bothers the shit out of me. It really does. I wanted something cute and girly and little did I know it was not clever at all. Southern Class with a bit of Sass. Nope. This has got to change.

I will have a new title soon...and I will be able to sleep better at night.

To be continued...

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

My Grandma totally called me out.

Last Sunday, I went over to my Grandma's house to catch up and have lunch. She made her amazing enchiladas with a side of guacamole and queso. Which totally didn't fit into this whole clean eating thing but sister needs a day off every now and then. So I ate and ate..and ate. The only thing I turned down was some wine because I decided my calorie intake for the day was already on overload.

After lunch we were cleaning up the kitchen and my phone was blowing up with text messages. I got my phone to see what all the chatter was about and it was a bridesmaids group text discussing the dress we will be wearing. The bride chose this one shoulder chiffon dress in the blue (it kept changing the color to purple when I clicked on black view). I am not sure about the shoes or jewelry but I assume silver? Who knows. Anyways, I showed my grandma the picture of the dress and told her that I was in another wedding on September 6th. Which is followed by this conversation.

She says, "Ashten why are all of your friends getting married and you aren't? What is the deal?"
me: Umm...would you like to rephrase that?
Grandma: hahaha < she thinks she is too funny
me: You might as well just run me over in your driveway right now.
Grandma: you will have 27 dresses before you know it
Me: keep it up..

Just for the record, this is only the 3rd time I will be a bridesmaid.

Once again, everyone is concerned about my dating life or lack there of.

Have a great Wednesday! Thursday is almost here which means we are close to the weekend!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

My sister is hilarious.

There is a new app (or old, who knows) called Helium. Must. Download. Now!

You can create videos (up to 45 seconds long) and it will change your voice which makes anything and everything hilarious. My sister is pretty great at it.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday & stay warm!!

Monday, 27 January 2014

New recipe, make-up organizer & I deserve a Grammy for my song.

Friday night I decided to get a little crazy & attempt a Pinterest recipe... thank God this wasn't a total fail. Sweet potato, Quinoa & onion cakes. I need to play around with the seasoning a little more but overall they were pretty good!
Cooked 1 cup quinoa
2 Cups sweet potato
(heated in microwave)
Sauteed some onions
(Don't worry, I cleaned my stove)
Made some patties and placed them in the
pan with some olive oil.
I liked the outside a little crunchy.
Total success.

Saturday morning I met a friend at Memorial Park and ran 3 miles then had brunch at Barnaby's Cafe. I got huevos rancheros, which totally hit the spot.
Then I made a pit stop at Home Good's on my way home.
 I found this make-up organizer for 20 bones which I thought was a pretty good deal and I have been wanting one forever so I wasn't too concerned about the price. 
I Love it.

 Saturday night I played the hilarious game of Quelf with some friends.
Overall the game is pretty random with a mix of trivia , pictionary & guesters. At one point I had to go to the bathroom to put water on my face & return singing a song about offshore fishing.
Which went a little something like this...
I skipped in a circle around everyone singing a song I wrote in about .25 minutes.
"I just got back from my fishing trip, the sea was rough and the boat almost sank... but I survived...and the tide was bad so we didn't catch anything..."
I wish someone got this on tape.


Sunday started off with an awesome church sermon about giving thanks to our blesser instead of our blessings. Good stuff. Had lunch with my grandma followed by some laziness.

Cheers to another week! Happy Monday!

Friday, 24 January 2014

Note to self: don't weigh yourself at night.

I downloaded MyFitnessPal 11 days ago and I have been logging all of my food and exercise daily. Its is helping my whole New Year's Resolution thing. I downloaded this app once before and didn't make it past a week so things are already looking up.

When I signed in, I had to update all of my stats and I just went ahead and guesstimated my weight. Last night I did the unthinkable, got on the scale at night. I immediately turned off the light in the kitchen and didn't allow myself to consume any additional calories. Good thing is, I lost 5 lbs over night but I am still 10 lbs over what I guesstimated. Which just sucks. I guess it is a good thing I didn't get on the scale 10 days ago because I don't want to know what that number would have been. I guess weight is just a number right? It is supposed to be all about how you feel and how your clothes fit. Well, I am feeling good but my clothes are a little snug.
Should I keep weighing myself or not? If so, how often?
I am thinking once a week.. or doing it daily may keep me in check. Decisions, decisions!

My diary looks pretty good right? Any suggestions for me?
Have the app??!! Let's follow eachother!

Also, TGIF! I hope everyone has awesome weekend plans!
It is supposed to freeze here in Houston which means no one will know how to drive and everything will be shut down.

Here is my jam of the week.
I absolutly LOVE Alex & Sierra and I cannot wait for them to release an album.

Best Song Ever by Alex & Sierra - on Grooveshark

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The time I admitted to trying to get on the Barney show.

During lunch today a group of us were discussing our favorite childhood TV shows. I was a Sister Sister fan and always watched Full House. We are all a few years apart which lead to us all having different favorite shows. One of the girls mentioned she watched Barney, faithfully. Which was followed with a comment from yours truly, "I tried to get on that show." Some of the things that come out of my mouth are just embarrassing. My friend, Nicole, says, "What?! That is like the fourth (really 3rd) show you have tried to get on!" So I had some explaining to do....back in 1994 I told my mother that I wanted to be one of those kids who got to play on that awesome play ground and hang out with my dinosaur BFF & sing the I Love You song. So, since my mom is so supportive, we filled out paperwork and sent it in with a cute photo of me, I am sure I was wearing my overalls or something really great. Unfortunately, I didn't get a call back. That did not kill my dreams of getting on TV.

Fast forward to year 2000 when those Family/life Swap shows were a huge hit. I filled out a shit ton of paperwork on line and signed my life away with the hopes to spend 1 week with a different family.
My parents thought they were being hilarious & sneaky when they gave me a letter that "came in the mail" informing me that I had been chosen. They even added a photo of the family I would be spending a week with. I knew it was a joke as soon as my mom started dying laughing. She cannot keep a straight face. I was not falling for it.

Fast forward to 2008 I sent in a bio to Real World with hopes of being one of the 7 strangers picked to live in a house, worked together & have their lives taped.. to find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real. I am a little crazy. Well, about 5 months later I got a call back and they requested my presence for round 2 of casting. I wore my favorite outfit and drove my happy ass downtown. They took us into this room 10 people at a time. We sat at a large round table and the discussion began. We were asked to talk about ourselves and some people wouldn't shut up. I was having hot flashes by the time my turn came around. No way was my life is near as crazy as the chick who was a stripper to pay her way through college or a football player who got cut from the team for doing steroids and also claims to hate homosexuals. I was floored by some of the things that were discussed in that room. I started off by saying that I had just graduated from SHSU where I was a member of Zeta Tau Alpha and then I rambled on about where I grew up, which was in Deer Park  right next to a bunch of plants. As in, power plants. Everyone thought I grew up in a jungle and people were super confused. Anyways, long story short, I did not make it past the 2nd round. Damn, so much for 3rd time being the charm.

Well, there you have it. I am a hopeful reality TV star. Obviously none of those venues have worked out hence the fact that I work a 8 to 5 job Monday through Friday.

Happy Hump Day!!!!

Monday, 20 January 2014

I might as well get a 2nd job at Express.

This weekend was pretty great. Friday night I went to crossfit (I went 5 days last week!) then had dinner at my friend's house. Dinner was filled with gluten & tons of cheese. I needed a dinner like that. & I didn't feel bad because I did great all last week.
Saturday morning I headed to the Woodlands to meet my little, Courtney, for lunch & shopping. Getting my hair done in the mall turns my little hair appointment into a day of shopping.
First stop. Express. They had 50% off already marked down items. So the only full price items were this green jacket & leopard top. Plus I had 2 x $15 rewards and $25 off every $75 so my total came out to $130.00 = 5 tops + jacket. I felt really good about my purchase.
These were $5-$10 each. Couldn't pass them up.
& then we went to Forever 21. I have not shopped in this store in ages. But I found a few tops I can layer. I layer everything, every day.

& then my hair appointment rolled around and the shopping came to a halt. I decided to get some red in my hair. I love it. & my straightener is still getting fixed so I have gotten pretty good with my curling iron. It takes me about 10 minutes.


Sunday started off with a great sermon at church. I went to a friend's Church that is 3 minutes away from my apartment and I will for sure be going back. I really liked it. >> This week I will strive to rejoice, pray & give thanks daily.
Then I took the boys for a walk.
Then I went for a little run, jog, walk.
Then did a tasty experiment with Italian dressing
and almond flower. Sucess.
Spaghetti squash + ground turkey meat +
pasta sauce + 2% mozzarella cheese
= lunch this week
Then I went to Sarena's & did planks and
headstands while her boyfriend
tried to watch the football games.
Their pup "Que" loves me.

Happy Monday!
I hope everyone's week is off to a great start!

Friday, 17 January 2014


Dear Friday,

It's about time you showed up.This week has been a drag.

& on to cooler things in life.

I am still going strong and sticking to my resolutions for this year.

Eat clean - Check.. chicken and sweet potatoes for lunch + fruit + shakes for dinner (minus the sandwich I had for lunch today)
Cook more at home - check & I am already preparing for my meals next week
Crossfit or run 5 days a week - check!!!! < I am pretty proud of myself for this one.
Spend more quality time with family < havent seen the fam since Christmas! I need to change that.
Eat Less Peanut butter... I only ate it 3 this week!

Houston Rodeo line up was released this week... and Usher is performing! I will get tickets. I haven't seen him in concert before and who doesn't love Usher?! And my Pandora station has been set to Usher all week which has played some pretty sweet jams... This song played the other day & I immediately downloaded it on iTunes along with a couple other Nelly hits.

                                               Country Grammar (Hot ...) by Nelly on Grooveshark
People at work seem to be pretty concered about my dating life these days. In the past week I have had 2 people suggest I sign up for
1. Do I give off a "gold digger" vibe?
2. Do I seem desperate for a date?
The answer is No & No. I am totally fine being single, actually.
Tonight I am going to my friend Megan's house for dinner and I kind of really want to make a fake profile to see what it is all about. So look for this post on Monday :)
Tomorrow, I am headed to the Woodlands to get my hair done @ Visible Changes which just so happens to be in the mall. And my little, Courtney, is meeting me for lunch and a little shopping before my apt. After my trip to the mall, I will be forced to stay home & do nothing until next pay day.
I hope everyone has great weekend plans!!!
Also, Happy 1Year Anniversary to these two love birds, Nicole & Joel!!!


Thursday, 16 January 2014

Walmart, I hate you.

Things are looking up.. since today is Thursday and tomorrow is Friday and then the weekend is here!!!!!

Last Saturday, I won $100 Walmart gift card at my work party. I try to avoid Walmart at all cost so I just planned on using the card for gas until I realized the Walmart by me does not have gas. So I looked online and decided to get a Fitbit on Monday evening. I wondered around the store looking for this damn thing until I came to the conclusion that they did not have the one I wanted (and the employees working the night shift were no help). Since they did not have a Fitbit, I settled for a few random items that added up to $100 so I wouldn't have to step foot in the store again. After waiting for almost 20 minutes in line, I left with groceries for the week, a new ceramic baking pan and throw pillows for my couch. See below.

I am not a fan of Walmart for several reasons.
1. I think Walmart is sketchy.
2. If I am going to get mugged, I feel like it would happen in a Walmart parking lot.
3. Baskets are scattered around the parking lot waiting to hit my car.
4. The check-out lines are the world's worst.
5. I had to shop at Walmart during college (because that was Huntsville's one stop shop) and one time I was checking out and the lady handed me $80 cash back... she let me know that I had selected $80 cash back while signing my receipt (which I did not). Well, my college checking account did not have 80 bones to spare which made me over-draft my account and cry.
6. & Target is 4713289132 times better.

Taken before I cut those awful white tags off.
I spy two evil eye pups.
It's Almost Friday!!!!!

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The sweet life of a toddler.

They get to wear leggings/jeggings every day.
They get to sit in a car seat which looks comparable to a recliner.
They can take all the naps they want.
They can fall asleep anywhere and everyone gets quiet so they can sleep in peace.
They can eat grilled cheese and macaroni every day if they want (or if parents allow it).
They get carried around constantly.
They don't have to wear a bra.
They can rock pigtails on the daily.
Their clothes are super cute and comfortable.
They are adorable in their non-matching-dressed-themselves-today-outfit.
They pretty much have their own personal chef.
They have their own maid.
They just have to fuss a little to get what they want.
They have no idea what this world is coming to.
They have no worries.
They don't need to save money or pay off credit cards.
They have some pretty sweet toys.
They can rock sequin shoes with every outfit.
They have a pretty sweet life.

& that my friends is why I wish I was a toddler again. Really.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Hangovers are worse at 25.

Friday night I went to see Lone Survivor. It. Was. Amazing. I wish I would have read the book because I heard that was even better.
Movie snacks.. stayed true to my health kick.
these babies...acting innocent....woke me up
at 7 am 
Saturday was my work Holiday Party in Galveston so I headed there around 2 and grabbed a drink with some friends before getting ready.
Beautiful day on the Seawall

it was between nude or pink heels... pink won.

Its never a good idea to get craZy at work parties so we played it cool for a while until we decided to take our party to the strand around 11:30. We went to two different bars, danced to some old jams & had a great time.
 And today I found these gems on Instagram ......I can always count on friends to capture my drunkenness awesomeness.  

they didn't get the crazy face memo.
Sunday I woke up with a horrible headache and a blurry memory of the events that took place after midnight. Safe to say I had a great time. Yesterday was the laziest day I have had in a while. I laid
on the couch watching GIRLS (<new fav show, have you seen it?!?!) and then went to bed at 7.. I am a grandma.

Happy Monday y'all!

Friday, 10 January 2014

Curled hair don't care.

My straighter died in my luggage while travelling back from my ski trip.. probably because my bag was stuffed to the max weighing 60 lbs. Last week I was in panic mode when I realized the little red -i am on and hot- light was not on. I had a little freak out until I realized I have a curling iron which saved me from having frizz-ball hair at work. I sent the bad boy to Paul Mitchel to get repaired. It was $35 vs buying a new.
This is how my hair has been fixed every day. I I think I have it down, it only takes about 15 minutes and surprisingly my thin-worthless-hair has been holding a curl all day long. Which is pretty amazing and I am a new fan of my curling iron. I shower at night, let my hair air dry, sleep on it, wake up & curl it. I feel like I am using less heat on my hair which is good because my hair could use a break. 

Express Ion Curl®
I would recommend this bad boy to anyone.
(& since my hair is short I have a 1 inch)

This week has been pretty great. I have stayed on track with my resolutions.
  • I have not drank alcohol since last Friday
  • Tonight will be the 5th night in a row that I will go to Crossfit & might go tomorrow morning if I feel like getting crazy
  • I have not eaten out
  • I have only eaten peanut butter 3 times
Things are looking up!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Photoshop Guru.

Guys at work are constantly pulling pranks and making fun of each other. People come to me to edit pictures since my photoshop skills are impeccable computer is the only one with Photoshop software.

I think I need to start a Photoshop portfolio.

1 comment about Power Rangers turned into this.

covered up the beer in his hand...

This is the same guy in the pic above.

These two guys happened to be on vacation the same week...
which lead to this post card.

These two guys aren't the best of friends...
This guy has promised to take clients golfing..we sent his client this.
 livesimply-livewell I made this for your pops!