Friday, 17 January 2014


Dear Friday,

It's about time you showed up.This week has been a drag.

& on to cooler things in life.

I am still going strong and sticking to my resolutions for this year.

Eat clean - Check.. chicken and sweet potatoes for lunch + fruit + shakes for dinner (minus the sandwich I had for lunch today)
Cook more at home - check & I am already preparing for my meals next week
Crossfit or run 5 days a week - check!!!! < I am pretty proud of myself for this one.
Spend more quality time with family < havent seen the fam since Christmas! I need to change that.
Eat Less Peanut butter... I only ate it 3 this week!

Houston Rodeo line up was released this week... and Usher is performing! I will get tickets. I haven't seen him in concert before and who doesn't love Usher?! And my Pandora station has been set to Usher all week which has played some pretty sweet jams... This song played the other day & I immediately downloaded it on iTunes along with a couple other Nelly hits.

                                               Country Grammar (Hot ...) by Nelly on Grooveshark
People at work seem to be pretty concered about my dating life these days. In the past week I have had 2 people suggest I sign up for
1. Do I give off a "gold digger" vibe?
2. Do I seem desperate for a date?
The answer is No & No. I am totally fine being single, actually.
Tonight I am going to my friend Megan's house for dinner and I kind of really want to make a fake profile to see what it is all about. So look for this post on Monday :)
Tomorrow, I am headed to the Woodlands to get my hair done @ Visible Changes which just so happens to be in the mall. And my little, Courtney, is meeting me for lunch and a little shopping before my apt. After my trip to the mall, I will be forced to stay home & do nothing until next pay day.
I hope everyone has great weekend plans!!!
Also, Happy 1Year Anniversary to these two love birds, Nicole & Joel!!!



  1. Haha! Well if you had a sugar daddy you would have to work!

  2. I don't think I could ever give up peanut butter. I love toast with pb and cheddar cheese... amazing!