Friday, 31 January 2014

Little gems

I am not the biggest fan of Valentines Day, I mean it is just another day right? If I had a hot date lined up maybe I would feel a little differently. Usually this day is filled with drinking tons of booze with my single friends and shit talking about how lame people in relationships are.  But these days it seems as though everyone is getting married and dating someone great and I am over here like- who wants to get shit faced with me? Oh, no one, because everyone is lame and has lame date plans with their lame BFs.

BUT no ones needs a hot date if you have a Galentine.. I have linked up with Ashten & Allie for their "Galentine's Day". Everyone who signed up was paired with another blogger and we have a week to decide the best way to spend $20 on our Galentine. I found out yesterday that I have been paired with KAI! & the stalking began. The hard part, keeping cost at $20.00. Which got me thinking about some items I love that are pretty cheap. Here are a few of my go-to products that I use daily.

RevlonColorburst Balm Stain
Revlon Colorburst Stain
Sweet Mint Lip Balm from Evolution of Smooth
Fav chapstick
Japanese Cherry Blossom Travel Size Body Lotion - Signature Collection - Bath & Body Works
Hand lotion

bouncer, it's me! - blues By Essie
Nail polish

Women's UA Mini Headbands
These headbands are great
for the gym.

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Hope everyone has some amazing weekend plans!!!
My weekend is filled with crossfit, baby shower, dinner, church & massage OH and I almost forgot the Super Bowl. What team are you rooting for??

Song of the week goes to the one and only Beyoncé.
Did you see her Grammy performance? It was insane.
                                             Drunk In Love by Beyoncé Feat. Jay-Z on Grooveshark


  1. I love that Chapstick! But my fav is Burt's, and I keep that stuff everywhere. I have it next to my bed in my purse in the kitchen my desk gym bag. If I'm ever without Burt's, I freak!
    Happy galentines day!

    1. I keep some next to my bed too!!

  2. Oh my goodness, I actually have that exact essie shade! I love it!


    1. I knew you had great taste! :) haha