Friday, 24 January 2014

Note to self: don't weigh yourself at night.

I downloaded MyFitnessPal 11 days ago and I have been logging all of my food and exercise daily. Its is helping my whole New Year's Resolution thing. I downloaded this app once before and didn't make it past a week so things are already looking up.

When I signed in, I had to update all of my stats and I just went ahead and guesstimated my weight. Last night I did the unthinkable, got on the scale at night. I immediately turned off the light in the kitchen and didn't allow myself to consume any additional calories. Good thing is, I lost 5 lbs over night but I am still 10 lbs over what I guesstimated. Which just sucks. I guess it is a good thing I didn't get on the scale 10 days ago because I don't want to know what that number would have been. I guess weight is just a number right? It is supposed to be all about how you feel and how your clothes fit. Well, I am feeling good but my clothes are a little snug.
Should I keep weighing myself or not? If so, how often?
I am thinking once a week.. or doing it daily may keep me in check. Decisions, decisions!

My diary looks pretty good right? Any suggestions for me?
Have the app??!! Let's follow eachother!

Also, TGIF! I hope everyone has awesome weekend plans!
It is supposed to freeze here in Houston which means no one will know how to drive and everything will be shut down.

Here is my jam of the week.
I absolutly LOVE Alex & Sierra and I cannot wait for them to release an album.

Best Song Ever by Alex & Sierra - on Grooveshark

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