Thursday, 18 December 2014

Blogging in bed

Good news first, I start a new (medical sales) job January 5th!! This is something I have wanted to do since college but the opportunity was never my ideal position and companies wanted to start me out making very little money. My mom has worked in the industry for 10+ years and now is starting her own business. When she put in her two week notice her boss said "do you think Ashten will be interested in taking over your position & accounts?".


Had a little interview/ beer with the bosses, discussed benefits and money. Bam, the job was mine. 

The hard part is always notifying your current employer. I have worked for this company since February- it was a start up company with 5 employees. I took care of everything from insurance- payroll - HR- AR - AP - contracts. Keep in mind I was hired for marketing... Didn't have time for it. Currently the company has 72 employees. It was insane but I learned so much. Since I am responsible for so much I gave a months notice and surprisingly made it 8 days before telling them all to F off. 

Of course when someone quits everyone whispers about the reasoning why and it always gets twisted. 

My boyfriend Bo decided to step away also and return to our previous employer. Which I got blamed for. Who knew men can be so nasty to each other. The amount of gossiping and back stabbing that goes on at that office blows my mind. We are both leaving at the right time and walking out of that office yesterday gave me such great relief. 

Now that that is behind me I am so excited for what this new job has in store. I can't wait to be out & about instead of sitting at a desk all day- change of pace for sure but I think I will do great && I am so thankful this opportunity came along. 

Me and Bo both start our new jobs on the 5th so we have a little 2 week (low budget moneyless) vacation that starts today. I have to keep reminding myself that I won't get a normal paycheck until the 3rd week of January. Scary. 

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Holiday decor.

I have never put up decorations in my apartment. Doesn't matter what holiday, I'm not doing it. I have considered it a few times but then the thought of having to pack that shit away in January changes my mind. Bo on the other hand cannot wait to have our own house so he can put lights up and the whole 9 yards. This year, since we are in an apartment, he decided that just a tree would do. 

We had a discussion about what kind of tree and who was going to decorate it... Blah blah blah. I wasn't feeling it but he pressed on and said "it will be fun". 

Sure, it will be fun..... Well you know what is fun. Doing something nice for someone and surprising them. 

Last night I drove my happy ass to Walmart for a cheap pre-lit tree because I needed to make this as easy on myself as possible. I was so determined to get this damn tree I had to visit 2 walmarts due to these fancy trees being a hot commodity. Well, I got it and put this bad boy together all by myself. Feeling super accomplished and my work is done. Not really, Pinterest has taken over my evenings and now I get to buy decorations.... $$$. I'll use Bo's credit card and tell him "it will be fun". 

Pups are scared to death of it and won't get off the couch.


I can't wait to see how excited bo is. 

Oh and next week we at both off ALL WEEK! 
We have a little road trip planned with family visits along the way. So pumped! 

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Living solo Monday- Thursday.

When bo is gone,
I get to watch all the Bravo TV I want without any interruptions.
And drink wine out of a fancy cup. 
And have long chats with Ashton who now lives in Colorado.
And eat leftovers. (Because he cleans out the fridge with his appetite when he's home)   
And ace and cash think they are king of the castle. 
And Ace & Cash just live it up.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Monday Monday Monday

So today is a payroll day, which means I am swamped, so I typed this little bit of randomness last night...

Friday Bo got home late so I had a little dinner prepared.. = me seeing Papa Murphy's and getting us my favorite pizza. He loved my fancy candle lit dinner. 

We headed to his house on Saturday morning, he had every intention of cleaning out his boat/ getting it ready to sell- but we ended up spending the day with his grandma because it happened to be her 69th birthday. 

We walked into her house. 
Me "Bo, look at those flowers (With one of those little plastic "happy birthday" signs), when is her birthday?" 
Bo "I don't know... I guess this week some time"
Grandma enters the room... "Hey what are yall doing here"
Bo "Just came in to see you and take you to lunch for your birthday" (nice save)

She bragged all day that we came in town to surprise her for her birthday. 

Bo = "grandson of the year" on accident.

Also bought Bo some youth XL under armor pants and a Large hoodie because the hanger posted different sizes. Note to self: I will never buy something without looking at the tag from here on out. Good times. 

Oh and fancy new glasses are in. They make a world of difference. #officeselfie

Friday, 14 November 2014

Jiffy Lube

To the entire noon staff of Jiffy Lube,

Thanks for taking your sweet ass time today when I stopped in to get a quick oil change. I had one precious hour to break from work and I had the pleasure of dealing with such kindness. I realize it is cold outside and you would rather be at home, as would I, but everyone has a job to do. After the treacherous experience is over, you want me to rate your services from 1 – 5 as one of you stood over my shoulder and apologized for the wait. Not going to lie, these places are always a little sketch to me so I gave all you assholes a 5 because you scare me.

Bocita comes home today! & I have a secret mission this weekend. I will fill you all on Monday.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

I was in the spending mood...but then remembered I already spent $200 on glasses.

I finally made it to the mall last night. I had never been to it before so I wasn't sure what stores it would have but it looked huge from the outside so I assumed it would have my go-to stores.
I was on a hunt for those jegging/leather pants from Limited. This mall doesn't have a Limited.
Then my hunt changed to Mac for more make up. Dillard's didn't have a Mac. At this point I was a little annoyed.
Since I was in Dillard's, I hit up the shoe department. I thought I needed some new black boots but after trying 3 pair on I decided I would wear flats more.. but of course I didn't see any flats I had to have... I felt bad for the lady that put up with my indecisiveness. Wasted her precious time. 
Since I was at the mall I decided to mosey around... Bath & Body Works always gets me with their "buy 3 get 3 free" deals. I am going to give these away during Christmas. My plan is to start shopping early this year and so far I have a new "filler" items. Its a start. Oh and I always need a nail file so I grabbed a small travel pack (they are on the left in the pic).
Walked passes Aldo and found those gloves I couldn't pass up. It is getting a little cold in the morning and I needed these for walking my dogs! My whole body is warm except my hands since I have to carry their little leashes.
& Since I parked at Dillard's I had to walk back through and BAM. Leather leggings I have been wanting for months. These bad boys just so happen to be spanx brand which is only a plus. I didn't get up early enough this morning to coordinate an outfit with these but a post about these leggings will appear soon. I can already tell they will be my go-to pants all winter.
SPANX Ready-to-Wow!™ Faux Leather Leggings, Style 2437 Primary Product View 278X350
These are the leggings that you cant even
see in the photos below. Love them.
buy them here.

They were dying to jump on everything.

That is a sweater vest in the middle... I wasn't 100%
sure about it but it is lined with leather so I am thinking
I can pair it with those pants paired with a
red long sleeve top..or any color top + jeans...
 ideas are flowing- ill post pics when I come up with a good combo.

& that beige V neck on the right is super long and comfy.
& only 17 bones. Had to buy it.


the inside of these gloves feel amazing.
best $15 spent last night.
I was in the shopping mood but only found a few items... probably a good thing because I spent $200 at the eye doctor earlier in the afternoon.

It is hump day & I MUST make it to the gym tonight!

& catch up on some TV. Vanderpump Rules is back and I am obsessed.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Tuesday Snoozday

Yesterday, work was a killer. I was busy from the minute I walked in the door and I was dreading my workout all day. 2 ladies were in my office and I told them that I really wanted to ditch my workout and go to the mall & I needed them to change my mind. One replied with "I'm not going to the gym tonight so I can't tell you to go" and the other said "go run for the both of us".

I sat and had a small debate in my head for a few minutes then I walked to the bathroom and the lady across the hall, not knowing I had walked out said, "go in the bathroom, lift up your shirt and then make up your mind, that always helps me." 

I returned from the bathroom and said, "I decided that I am going to the mall!!" And they all started cracking up and informed me about the whole "lift up your shirt comment".

I am sure I butchered the story trying to put it down in words, but it was hilarious. Honestly, I looked in the mirror and remembered I needed to go to Mac plus I need a good shopping trip.

On the way home from work my my sweet Pepaw called and asked if I wanted to go to dinner since he would be on my side of town. Girl doesn't turn down a good meal with Pepaw. He took me to Italiano's, which is a little gem, and I cannot wait to take Bocita there. I had eggplant parm & it was delish. I still need my shopping fix though!

Oh also, I had an eye exam this morning. I have been squinting more than usual recently and I hadn't had my eyes checked since 2011. It. Was. Time. The doc said I just need a light prescription for reading/ computer work. Which is the same thing I was told in 2011 so good news, my eyes aren't going down the drain at a fast rate.

To go to the gym tonight or mall..

Monday, 10 November 2014

Wish List

I need to go shopping... or better yet, put this on my Christmas list. 

These are the cutest pants/leggings from the Limited.
A friend had them on the other day
and she said they are so comfy. 

Jessica Simpson Claudette d´Orsay Pumps
& these would be perfect with those pants....

Who wouldn't want these?!
Currently my tan flats are wrecked and I need these bad boys.
Gianni Bini Robynn Pointed-Toe Pumps
Love. These.
Gianni Bini Raevin Pointed-Toe Flats
& these.

Jessica Simpson Avalona Tall Stretch Boots
These have a stretchy lining on the back = great for larger calves!

If you cant tell, I haven't got new shoes in a while. I wouldn't mind adding a few new pair to my collection.

Shoe shopping (minus actually buying anything) made my Monday a little better!

Thursday, 6 November 2014

The laundry basket.

I wonder how many hours a year are spent in waiting rooms. I am sitting here waiting for that one visit a year that all women dread. Yep, the Gyno. Fun stuff.

Anyways, let's rewind to the beginning of Bocita. When we started dating I was wondering how it all would work because he owns a house about 1.5 hours outside of Houston. Yes, that means he would drive that far to and from work daily. Well, in the beginning he spent 3 weeks in Canada. In my eyes this was a test for me to gather my feelings. If I really missed him, then something was there. Well I really really missed him and counted down the days until he returned. 

He returned on a Friday night at 2 am, we stayed at my apartment then drove to his house on Saturday to visit his family. While we were at his house he proceeded to do all his laundry (first and only time I have seen him do this). On Sunday we loaded and headed to my place since I lived 40 minutes away from work and no way would I survive a 1.5 hour commute! So when we loaded up the car he grabbed his laundry basket full of clean clothes. I'm talking 3 weeks worth of clean clothes. I laughed to myself but thought..."Ok. This is happening." There was no discussion, it just happened. If I would've had a problem with it I would have spoken up then. But I let it be and got him a key made. 

After a few weeks of him living out of that laundry basket posted up on my kitchen table I decided it would be nice if me to clean out the hall closet. So I did and then he had a spot for all of his shit. Oh and he is used to coming in and emptying his pockets on the counter, so I got a bowl for that shit too. His things had their spot and everything was going great.

My lease was up in September and the discussion of us having a place together began. Anything with more space would be ideal. We went apartment hunting and found the perfect little place we call home today. 

It's crazy how this life of mine has played out. There I was being single soaking it up and in a blink of an eye I have the most amazing man in my life. We have had discussions about marriage and kids and buying a house, grown up things. So crazy.

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Just like Christmas.

My new phone came in. It was something I have needed for a while. I was working with the 4S and let me tell you, it was on its last leg. I was ready for an upgrade. Last night I made a pit stop on my way home for a fancy new case and got it all set up. It's so pretty, if a phone can be pretty? 

And apparently when I was transferring all my music I accidentally downloaded the new U2 album. Never listened to them in my life but I guess I will now... I will get it a shot at least. 
And my new "lock screen" pic. Just me and Bocita at NASA a while back.
Tonight is counting as one of my off nights from running this week. I have 2 off nights a week so I am taking one today and probably one Saturday. 3 miles on Monday and Tuesday left my legs pretty tight. They need a break and a good stretch. 

Happy hump day!! 

Weekend Recap on Tuesday

Payroll ruined my life here is my weekend in iphone snaps. I need to get better at taking pictures again... I know this.
Got my nails done

went to the driving range next to the airport

The weather was amazing

Bo got me this drink, it was good until I found out how unhealthy it is.

Sunday we played golf too and I beat Bo on the front 9. All the sudden he wasn't interested in keeping score anymore. :) Oh the attitude of men. Sunday Bocita went back to Louisiana around 3:30 and I went to get a massage. We had a nice relaxing weekend!

Last night I ran 3 miles on the treadmill and it took me 35 minutes. I will admit I had to walk some, but I ran at a faster pace than normal to push myself. I have to do another 3 tonight and my legs are a little tight today so we shall see how that goes.

Happy Tuesday!!!

Friday, 31 October 2014

I am spending Halloween weekend like a grandma.

Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday of the year. I don’t dislike it, but I don’t love it. It’s just ok. Every year I am scrounging around last minute for a costume and let’s be real- none of them turn out that great. This year, none of that nonsense is taking place. Bocita is coming home tonight and we are having a relaxing weekend at home. He will be home late tonight, tomorrow he said we can do whatever I want to do.. so I need to give that some thought and Sunday he wants to play golf in the morning before he heads back to Louisisna. Funn stuff.

Why isn’t Bo home? He is a crane supervisor and work takes him several different places. Right now he is on a project in Louisiana that could last 2 months (time frames can always change). For the most part he will have weekends off so we can see each other. Last weekend I made the 5 hour drive and let me tell you, it was horrible. Driving that far for less than a 48 hour visit was exhausting. I had a few meltdowns on the way there and on the way home. I will invest in a flight next time, it is worth keeping my sanity.

Since I am on the subject of him working out of town, I will state that for the time being I am ok with it. For the first 6 months of this relationship (since April of this year) he was working in Houston which was perfect because he was home every night. This is the first time he will be out of town for longer than a week. And I will be honest, a week apart every once in a while, is not a bad thing. But 2 months, we shall see how this goes. Stay tuned…

Oh and ½ Marathon legit training starts next week. Tonight I plan on running 2 miles and Sunday I need to push for 3 to get a solid base under my belt. I need to download some good jams to get pumped because I just want to sit around and eat candy this weekend, but I will NOT.
Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!!!

Thursday, 30 October 2014

I am back.

I have great news for you guys/ whoever reads this gem of mine, I have time to blog again! We have hired more help at work so I am no longer everyone’s / for lack of better words/ bitch. It is just great.

This life of mine is turning out pretty great.. just some things to get you caught up.

Little sister started high school. She is just so grown up!
 Look at that transformation... and thank God our mother no longer dresses her. :) #bluejeanbaby
 Bo and I spent the weekend in New Orleans.


 Jillian and I went to the Katy Perry concert.

My Mom & Aaron got married... failed to get a pic of the groom... oops

"Nana" and great-grandma "Memaw"
I was in ANOTHER wedding...
That was pretty much a college reunion...

I moved into a new apartment with Bo-cita in September. Living together will be a post for another day. And I decided to just tell my father... oh the upcoming blog posts will be entertaining...

Bo turned 30! I got him some amazing TUMI luggage and buying luggage for someone is a sign of aging. It. Is. Sad.

Medium Trip Packing Case

“Fat & Happy” is in full effect so I signed up for a half marathon and bought new Brooks to get my butt motivated.

I am so excited to be back... I like having this portal to vent and document everything. I have missed it.

Hope everyone has a good Thursday!!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

River Trip Shenanigans

I went to the river last weekend for my friends birthday party. We got there Friday night, pitched our tent (I need one of my friends to invest in a camper because I am too old for this), had a few beers and called it a night. Woke up Saturday sweating. It is HOT here in Texas. We had breakfast burritos and mimosas for breakfast, packed the coolers and headed to float.

The first half of the 6 hour float trip is easy to remember... the second half is a little hazy. Probably because the amount of alcohol I can consume on the river seems to be a little more than I ever would if I was just sitting around on a Saturday afternoon..& my drink of choice is vodka & crystal light...
I get a water bottle, pour like 2 inches of water out, pour in vodka, add the crystal light single packet & shake. Done & Done. Well, I had 7 of these bad boys.... I actually went to sleep about 7:30, woke up at midnight with a hangover (as everyone else was going to bed) and got it all over with so Sunday I actually felt fine. & here is a photo dump from what I found on my phone...

when is the last time you crimped your hair???
We did this Friday in our free time waiting on our drive
(aka Meredith's bf)
View from our fancy camp site
Sunni's cake
ryan was having trouble with those candles
Not sure why I made him pose alone...
Just a little side rant.. & all you really need for camping.
I had to go solo this weekend, Bo had to work and I was pretty much counting on him being off.. I didn't prepare much for this trip because I was thinking he would be there to take care of everything. Plus my friends were bringing the tent and everything else we really needed... Hence the reason I only packed a case of water, vodka, blanket, pillow, and bathing suit + cover up.
Everyone gave me shit all weekend, but they covered for me and let me eat their food and drinks...
because they are great friends I guess. BUT everyone else had a shit ton to pack up on Sunday and I was ready to go in like 2 minutes... & I was still wearing my bathing suit.. good times.

My pups went to their fancy vacation home... Nana's house &
she was super nice and got them groomed
Mom & Aaron got me this wine from Greece
& it came in this cute hand painted wine bag!
ITS HUMP DAYYYYY. I need a vacation.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

My mom is engaged!

So my mom is a little crazy... her and my step-dad were married for 11 years then decided divorce was the only option. I was in college, it didn't affect me much. I am still close with him, I adore his girlfriend & we hang out every once in a while.

Back to my mom... well, she went a little crazy for the past 5 years... crazy as in she went from relationship to relationship and she blamed it on "re-living her 20's because she had 2 kids back then" which annoys me because, ugh hello, it's your own fault you had kids. Anyways, I couldn't care less to meet another boyfriend of hers. I was never super nice to any of them.. nor was Jillian. We kind of teamed up and didn't engage in conversation because we were just really over it. But we were never super rude.. we just did our own thing. The main thing that drives us nuts is the way our mother acts.. she can put up a front and be over the top nice and affectionate and we are like EW STOP.
Ok, My rant is over...

A year ago she started dating a new guy, I actually met him on accident. I was going to meet my mom & her friends for wine and he surprised her and me when he busted up our cocktail hour. But he seemed very nice and I decided I should give this guy a chance. Fast forward a year to a bar downtown where we all met up for a drink one night where Aaron asked if I would have his blessing to marry my mom. Literally my first reaction was , "Really, are you sure?" and he said, "One thousand percent" and I said, "yes of course I am totally fine with that." And that was about it. He asked my brother, Jillian & my grandparents. Everyone said yes.

Aaron took my mom on a last minute trip to Greece this week.. First of all... Who takes last minute trips to Greece?? Only place I go last minute is somewhere within a 100 mile radius. I digress. He proposed to my mom on Monday and we all got picture texts of the ring with her saying "I said yes!!". I think she knew it was coming... but I am glad she is happy and I am 100% done having to meet her boyfriends. Looks like they are having a great time in Greece and I may have to make a trip there one of these days!!

here is the ring!
this is their fancy patio...

Mom & Aaron with Greece in the background.

It is almost Friday!! I am headed to the river this weekend for my friend Sunni's birthday. We always float the river for her birthday & it is an amazing time... Last year I had 1 (or 4) too many Vodka/crystal light mixtures on the river... ran through a fence and this happened to my back/shoulder... good times.