Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Tuesday Snoozday

Yesterday, work was a killer. I was busy from the minute I walked in the door and I was dreading my workout all day. 2 ladies were in my office and I told them that I really wanted to ditch my workout and go to the mall & I needed them to change my mind. One replied with "I'm not going to the gym tonight so I can't tell you to go" and the other said "go run for the both of us".

I sat and had a small debate in my head for a few minutes then I walked to the bathroom and the lady across the hall, not knowing I had walked out said, "go in the bathroom, lift up your shirt and then make up your mind, that always helps me." 

I returned from the bathroom and said, "I decided that I am going to the mall!!" And they all started cracking up and informed me about the whole "lift up your shirt comment".

I am sure I butchered the story trying to put it down in words, but it was hilarious. Honestly, I looked in the mirror and remembered I needed to go to Mac plus I need a good shopping trip.

On the way home from work my my sweet Pepaw called and asked if I wanted to go to dinner since he would be on my side of town. Girl doesn't turn down a good meal with Pepaw. He took me to Italiano's, which is a little gem, and I cannot wait to take Bocita there. I had eggplant parm & it was delish. I still need my shopping fix though!

Oh also, I had an eye exam this morning. I have been squinting more than usual recently and I hadn't had my eyes checked since 2011. It. Was. Time. The doc said I just need a light prescription for reading/ computer work. Which is the same thing I was told in 2011 so good news, my eyes aren't going down the drain at a fast rate.

To go to the gym tonight or mall..

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