Wednesday, 12 November 2014

I was in the spending mood...but then remembered I already spent $200 on glasses.

I finally made it to the mall last night. I had never been to it before so I wasn't sure what stores it would have but it looked huge from the outside so I assumed it would have my go-to stores.
I was on a hunt for those jegging/leather pants from Limited. This mall doesn't have a Limited.
Then my hunt changed to Mac for more make up. Dillard's didn't have a Mac. At this point I was a little annoyed.
Since I was in Dillard's, I hit up the shoe department. I thought I needed some new black boots but after trying 3 pair on I decided I would wear flats more.. but of course I didn't see any flats I had to have... I felt bad for the lady that put up with my indecisiveness. Wasted her precious time. 
Since I was at the mall I decided to mosey around... Bath & Body Works always gets me with their "buy 3 get 3 free" deals. I am going to give these away during Christmas. My plan is to start shopping early this year and so far I have a new "filler" items. Its a start. Oh and I always need a nail file so I grabbed a small travel pack (they are on the left in the pic).
Walked passes Aldo and found those gloves I couldn't pass up. It is getting a little cold in the morning and I needed these for walking my dogs! My whole body is warm except my hands since I have to carry their little leashes.
& Since I parked at Dillard's I had to walk back through and BAM. Leather leggings I have been wanting for months. These bad boys just so happen to be spanx brand which is only a plus. I didn't get up early enough this morning to coordinate an outfit with these but a post about these leggings will appear soon. I can already tell they will be my go-to pants all winter.
SPANX Ready-to-Wow!™ Faux Leather Leggings, Style 2437 Primary Product View 278X350
These are the leggings that you cant even
see in the photos below. Love them.
buy them here.

They were dying to jump on everything.

That is a sweater vest in the middle... I wasn't 100%
sure about it but it is lined with leather so I am thinking
I can pair it with those pants paired with a
red long sleeve top..or any color top + jeans...
 ideas are flowing- ill post pics when I come up with a good combo.

& that beige V neck on the right is super long and comfy.
& only 17 bones. Had to buy it.


the inside of these gloves feel amazing.
best $15 spent last night.
I was in the shopping mood but only found a few items... probably a good thing because I spent $200 at the eye doctor earlier in the afternoon.

It is hump day & I MUST make it to the gym tonight!

& catch up on some TV. Vanderpump Rules is back and I am obsessed.

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  1. Hey you are back!!!
    Take pics of the leggings with an outfit! I want to see it!