Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Just like Christmas.

My new phone came in. It was something I have needed for a while. I was working with the 4S and let me tell you, it was on its last leg. I was ready for an upgrade. Last night I made a pit stop on my way home for a fancy new case and got it all set up. It's so pretty, if a phone can be pretty? 

And apparently when I was transferring all my music I accidentally downloaded the new U2 album. Never listened to them in my life but I guess I will now... I will get it a shot at least. 
And my new "lock screen" pic. Just me and Bocita at NASA a while back.
Tonight is counting as one of my off nights from running this week. I have 2 off nights a week so I am taking one today and probably one Saturday. 3 miles on Monday and Tuesday left my legs pretty tight. They need a break and a good stretch. 

Happy hump day!! 

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