Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Weekend Recap on Tuesday

Payroll ruined my life yesterday..so here is my weekend in iphone snaps. I need to get better at taking pictures again... I know this.
Got my nails done

went to the driving range next to the airport

The weather was amazing

Bo got me this drink, it was good until I found out how unhealthy it is.

Sunday we played golf too and I beat Bo on the front 9. All the sudden he wasn't interested in keeping score anymore. :) Oh the attitude of men. Sunday Bocita went back to Louisiana around 3:30 and I went to get a massage. We had a nice relaxing weekend!

Last night I ran 3 miles on the treadmill and it took me 35 minutes. I will admit I had to walk some, but I ran at a faster pace than normal to push myself. I have to do another 3 tonight and my legs are a little tight today so we shall see how that goes.

Happy Tuesday!!!

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