Wednesday, 27 November 2013

I am ready for pecan pie.

Just a few things..

-my trip is going great

-it has snowed here every day

-express has everything 50% off so I'll be broke soon. 

-I saw catching fire yesterday. SO GOOD! 

-Jillian thinks thanksgiving was today. 
- I had to follow jace around all the toy and book isles while my step mom did the food shopping

- jace made some cute crafts at school yesterday 

-these bad boys are legit. 

Tomorrow is thanksgiving!! I am so thankful that I get to spend it with my Indiana family. They are pretty great!

Monday, 25 November 2013

Hello Indianapolis!

This was supposed to post Saturday. Oops. 

Oh my gosh y'all, today has been such a long day! And just a little FYI these posts for the next week will be from my phone & won't have the best grammer and expect run on sentences... And a lot of dot dot dots...

I am in Indy!!! 

This is the weather outlook... I got
Off the plane and said "holy shit balls it's f*cking cold" I feel like I don't have pants on, jeans do not shield you from these temperatures. Oh and it snowed today. 

A little recap, got up this morning in houston at 7:30, packed and headed to my Nanas house to drop of my pups and she took me to the airport. I was supposed to fly to Indy on Sunday but I was able to change my flight and arrive a day early. My brother and his girlfriend booked a last minute trip to surprise the family. My brother has not been to Indy in a year. A whole year! And they haven't met his gf Jordan- so I had to be there when they surprised the family. Anyways, so I get in town at 4- my dad step mom and jace pick me up from the airport and we planned to get dinner once I arrived- well little did they know my brother and Jordan had a table at Bucca di Beppo waiting to surprise them. We pulled it off perfectly, there were years of joy and shocked faces. It was priceless. Dinner was amazing and of course we had to get was the size of Jace... 
Also, I wish I had the will power of a 7 year old.. He was so full he did not eat one bite of this beauty... He got upset when we tried to force him. I was full long before dessert came but i wasn't turning this down. 

Then we all came back to the house and looked through old photos trying to embarrass Corbin... I think my photos were worse. The clothes our parents put us in were just too much... 

My ashy knees and loafers + frilly socks just add the perfect touch to this sibling pic. Oh and Corbin's shoe is untied. 

This one is just so funny... Those shoes. I can't. 

My brother and his gf are only in town until Monday afternoon so we are going to try to squeeze in as much as we can over the next 2 days! 

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Family Fun Day

Started off our Sunday at IHOP... On the way to breakfast jace asked If I could just stay here through Christmas.. I told him I have to work which prompted the question about what my job entails... Trying to explain your job to a 7 year old can be difficult... After I was through he goes "you should just try to get fired".
Pretty funny. 

After breakfast we headed to tour the Lilly mansion. The Lilly family that owns that pharmaceutical company. My dad was in shock that I didn't know who they were.. And I'm still a little unsure who they are. 

Then we went downtown to burn some time before we had to be at the theatre to see White Christmas. 

What would you do with 65 lbs of chocolate?!? 

The play was really good but it was 3 hours long. Jace asked if we were tying to torture him. 

We headed over to Altitude 39 for dinner and bowling. It was a lot of fun!! I won both games...just throwing that out there. 

Dusting his shoulders off. 

Cute teeth. 

It was such a fun day!! 

We are headed to take my brother and Jordan to the airport.. Jace said, can we go ahead and get the crying over with?! Haha. So funny. 

Hope you all have a fabulous evening! 

Friday, 22 November 2013

I am not sick anymore!!!

A little weekend recap on Friday because my brain has been cracked out all week and I couldn't really think straight. I stayed home from work Tuesday - Thursday with an upper respiratory infection and strep. I watched way too much TV and slept for hours and hours. Thank goodness I feel better because I am headed out of town tomorrow!

LAST Friday after work I headed over to my friend Lindsey's new house. Her house is super cute and girly. Below are some pictures of her shabby chik furniture... Some of which she refinished on her own! - I wish I had the patience to actually do Pinterest crafts (or anything on Pinterest, I find awesome recipes and leave the grocery store with a box of brownie mix = fail ).I'm that person that would pay out the ass for furniture like this because I think about how much times goes into it.... Patience. I need patience.

She bought this for $20 and put about
10$ into refinishing it!

Table & chairs = $150.00 and put
another $40 into refinishing it.

Table & chairs = $50.00 and put about
 $10 into refinishing it.

She bought the blue entertainment piece
already refinished for $400.00

She bought the coffee table
already refinished for $100.00

Her house is adorable and it really made me want a house... but I see myself living in an apartment for a little longer...Honestly, I don't mind it at all.. a pool I can use all the time and no yard work. + +

Saturday we went to the mall and I was in the mood to shop but I didn't find anything I just HAD to have... well I did leave with a dress from Express. All dresses were 40% off and I had a $15.00 reward so It was only $19.00. Couldn't pass it up.

Saturday night I went out with some girls from college and I made Lindsey tag along. Sometimes I get a little worried with merging groups of friends but everyone got along great! Most of my college friends can get a little cray cray (sometimes bitchy) and Lindsey is probably my most reserved friend...I had a little anxiety because I always want everyone to be friends. Anyways, we had a great time!

Lindsey & I

1.25 fireball whiskey shots. Yes please.

Sunday I woke up and my sinuses were insane... Looked in my medicine cabinet and saw Benadryl Sinus... Took 2 and headed to my moms to help her prepare food for our family dinner. I got to her house and immediately had to lay down. I didn't understand why I was so tired but I couldn't keep my eyes open. UGH MAYBE BECAUSE I TOOK BENADRYL! Dumbest thing I have done in a while. It had me out of whack all day. Anyways, I slept for a few hours and felt a little better. 
Dinner at my Nana & Papaws house was amazing as usual. 
Dessert is the most important thing right?! Pumpkin pie, spice cupcakes &
chocolate pie. I was totally bummed they didn't have pecan pie.
Guess I'll have to wait until thanksgiving day.
Dining Room

My Nana knows a little something about decorating.
I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. It is getting cold here in Houston!
I am off to Indianapolis tomorrow for 8 days!!!
Oh and I got great news, My brother Corbin & his girlfriend (Jordan) are flying to surprise my Dad.
My Dad is going to freak! He hasn't seen my brother in a whole year and has never met Jordan. I am so excited for some great family time!

Monday, 18 November 2013

This made my day.

I went to the grocery store hungry. Grabbed some oranges...bananas... Cereal... And this. 

So good. Sugar cookie flavored ice cream + chocolate chip snicker doodle cookie + sugar cookies + sprinkles + icing swirled = flavor explosion of goodness. 

And I get picture from my step mom this afternoon... Made my day. 
I cannot wait to see this little guy!!!

Friday, 15 November 2013

A priceless text conversation & new shoes!

This week went well. I made it to crossfit 3 times so far and I plan to go tonight. I am going to say this again, it feels good to be back in my old routine. Over the summer I was a total slacker with my workouts and getting back into it was not easy but I did it! Now if I can just get my clean eating back on track.

Christmas is getting so close! This year has really flown by. I cannot believe it.
Every year for Christmas my step-dad orders me new shoes. I usually go on Nike ID and design my own over the top colorful shoes. This year I designed a pair of Crossfit Lifting Shoes (see below)...I clicked on the "Share" button after I was done designing them and noted that he should just place the order without looking at the price. These babies are $190.00! He sure does loves me.
The kind of people who wear this kind of shoe at my gym are hardcore-diehard-crossfitters. I have regular crossfit shoes but these are the ultimate crossfit shoes for lifting only. I tried on a pair the other day and they provided stability while lifting due to the thick plastic heel and they are super comfortable. These are going to be a little motivation tokeep my butt in the gym.
I just love getting new shoes... dont you!?
I cannot wait to wear these babies.

This weather in Houston has been so nice this week.
I am taking full advantage of wearing scarves & boots.

I may have worn this scarf twice this week.. oops.
Texting with my friend Nicole is always interesting....she doesn't always proof read before hitting send and sometimes sends texts to the wrong person. Which makes for some hilarious conversations.
This convo below had me laughing so hard I was crying.
I missed lunch one day and I get a text message filling me in...
My thought process:
She wants a hottie in her house to get freaky with her husband?!?!?! Ummm... No way she couldn't be referring to another girl because who wants another girl to get freaky with their husband but a guy getting freaky with her husband is even more weird!!!
The text following all of my " WHAT THE HELL" shocked faces said...
"OMGSH that was supposed to say HOT TUB not hottie!!!!!!"
I died. I could not. That was the best laugh I have had in a while.
Of course I took a screen shot and it is saved in my camera roll in case I  need some cheering up one of these days. This will always be funny to me.
And this is my jam of the week.
Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!
Hurricane by MSMR on Grooveshark

Thursday, 14 November 2013

If you really knew me...

I see this is a popluar post in blogland so here it goes...

If you really knew me, you would know...

I could eat Mexican food every day for the rest of my life.

I like things to go my way (doesn't everyone?) and I tend to manipulate situations to work in my favor.

I can be very stubborn and my mood can change quickly.

I always have my toenails painted nicely, my fingernails always look rough.

I blare music in my car and sing like my pitch is perfect. I wish I could increase my volume because it just isn't loud enough sometimes.

I lick my lips constantly, they are always chapped and I have to apply chapstick a lot.

I rarely commit to plans, I like to keep my options open. Unless they are huge, exciting plans.. like the Miley concert in 5 months or vacations.

I think I am hilarious and I laugh at myself constantly.

After a few glasses of wine I get the best ideas and usually end up talking a ton.

I love to go on girls trips, drink too much, & dance like an idiot.

When people find out I was in a sorority in college they say , "Doesn't surprise me at all." And I don't see myself as the typical sorority girl.

My alcohol tolerance is pretty high. Drink of choice is vodka & crystal light.

I have my CHL (Concealed Handgun Licence) and I carry a gun in my car and in my apartment. I only carry it in my purse when I am in a sketchy area and/or shopping alone at night. I live in Texas, this is totally normal.

I can't believe I am admitting this but I am really good at cheating on tests in college. Thank God I never got caught. Probably nothing to be proud about.

I stick my foot in my mouth all the time.

If someone is funny, I must be friends with them.

I really like other Sagittarius people.

I have a cross tattoo on the inside of my left wrist. Got it on the night of my 18th birthday and I don't regret it. I hid it from my Dad for 7 months. He thought it was fake at first and then proceeded to tell me that I would never get a real job after he realized it wasn't coming off. I let him know that I hid it from him for 7 months and all I have to do is wear a watch. And tada, I have a real job.

I can read people's lips like a champ. Even from across the room.

I am impatient.

My spelling is horrible and my vocabulary is small. I get impressed with myself when I use large words.. although sometimes I use the words then ask "Did I use that correctly?" and when the answer is "Yes",  it makes me feel so smart.

It is almost Friday!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

One of the hardest things for me to talk about.

Who is ready for Thanksgiving??? This Thanksgiving will be a lot like last years. I am headed to visit family in Indianapolis! I am pretty excited for some cold weather, pecan pie & dressing. Isn't Thanksgiving food the best!?? My Dad, step-mom and little brother moved there 5 years ago. I hate hate hate that they live so far away and they are well aware of my feelings. I do LOVE visiting them because I get to spend time with Jace. My hilarious-awesome-cute little brother will be 7 on December 4th. We have the best time together and I am his favorite sister (only sister). We have a special bond for sure.

This is probably one of the hardest things for me to talk about...  Back in 2008 my parents had sold their house and were living in apartment while they searched for a new home in the Woodlands, so I thought. On Father's Day (2008) I was cooking dinner for the family and I went to the computer to look up a recipe. My heart broke when I saw a web page open to houses in Indianapolis. My step-mom's family lives there and they had mentioned moving there before but never seemed serious. I was devastated.  I decided it was not the best time to bring this up so I held it in and left  after dinner. The following day I told my Dad I needed to talk to him in person, alone. I confronted him about what I saw and he felt horrible (as he should). Little did I know, he had been flying back and forth going on interviews and looking for houses for a few months. He didn't want to break the news to me until it was set in stone and he knew I would be royally pissed. And he is a little scared of me (#truth).  The conversation did not go so smoothly, I was terribly hurt. Fast forward 2.5 months and they were packed up and moving to Indianapolis. It was so crazy to me. I was away at college so I stayed busy and it was easier for me to handle it, but not that easy.

Family is so important to me and I miss them so much, I just wish I could see them regularly. I know some people have family all over the US- How do you do it?! I have had my immediate family close for so long and this change was hard on me. I am thankful that my mom's family is still here in Texas and we are super close. I just wish I had Jace close too.
I just want everything my way, doesn't everyone? haha
Fun Fact: I don't like change.

I miss my brother. Every day.
I miss girl time and shopping with my step-mom.
I miss watching/playing golf with my dad.
I miss not having to pay for flights.
I miss our Saturday trips to Chik-fil-A.
I miss their old house.
I miss just hanging out with them.
I miss the family time.

ONE DAY my dad is going to miss out on so much. I will have a husband and kids and he will be the one missing out and it will suck. For him. For me. For my kids.  For everyone.

On to happier things.... this is what my week of Thanksgiving will look like.
I will take more pictures this year for sure!

7 days of entertainment by this little guy

A lot of football watching.. and playing football
(thumbs down because Jace doesn't like the Texans)

A lot of Wii playing and creating crazy characters
and when its snowing.. you play more Wii

My pups wish they could join the fun.
My mom will be watching them.
And they will be spoiled for a week.
Plus tons of shopping, food & family time. I cannot wait!!!