Tuesday, 5 November 2013

21 day Project: Day 6

Day 6 Exercise: Identify Your "Broken Windows"
"Broken windows” on a personal level are particular signs of disorder that make one feel out of control and overwhelmed.
When I think about things that give me anxiety I immediately think about other homes
and my apartment. I keep it neat and clean because I get overwhelmed if I don't. I often get overwhelmed when I walk into environments that I cannot control but I have to remind myself that some people don't mind a mess/what is messy to me is normal for others.
  • When the couch pillows are not organized correctly.
  • Dishes in the sink. (they need to be in the dishwasher)
  • Anything that is cluttered, countertops especially. (it is safe to say I am a neat freak)
  • Anything out of place (everything has a place and I know exactly where I can find it)
  • Drinking straight from the milk carton (or any carton).
  • Dog hair anywhere. (thankful for dogs that do not shed)
  • When the TV volume is too high
  • Kids being loud and obnoxious. (I think I am getting into my pet peeves now)

Sometimes I need to loosen up and realize some of these things aren't a big deal. BUT it sure does make me feel better when these things are in order.

What are your "broken windows"?


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  1. The kitchen must be clean. Crumbs on the counter, dishes in the sink. Ugh......drives me nuts.