Monday, 25 November 2013

Hello Indianapolis!

This was supposed to post Saturday. Oops. 

Oh my gosh y'all, today has been such a long day! And just a little FYI these posts for the next week will be from my phone & won't have the best grammer and expect run on sentences... And a lot of dot dot dots...

I am in Indy!!! 

This is the weather outlook... I got
Off the plane and said "holy shit balls it's f*cking cold" I feel like I don't have pants on, jeans do not shield you from these temperatures. Oh and it snowed today. 

A little recap, got up this morning in houston at 7:30, packed and headed to my Nanas house to drop of my pups and she took me to the airport. I was supposed to fly to Indy on Sunday but I was able to change my flight and arrive a day early. My brother and his girlfriend booked a last minute trip to surprise the family. My brother has not been to Indy in a year. A whole year! And they haven't met his gf Jordan- so I had to be there when they surprised the family. Anyways, so I get in town at 4- my dad step mom and jace pick me up from the airport and we planned to get dinner once I arrived- well little did they know my brother and Jordan had a table at Bucca di Beppo waiting to surprise them. We pulled it off perfectly, there were years of joy and shocked faces. It was priceless. Dinner was amazing and of course we had to get was the size of Jace... 
Also, I wish I had the will power of a 7 year old.. He was so full he did not eat one bite of this beauty... He got upset when we tried to force him. I was full long before dessert came but i wasn't turning this down. 

Then we all came back to the house and looked through old photos trying to embarrass Corbin... I think my photos were worse. The clothes our parents put us in were just too much... 

My ashy knees and loafers + frilly socks just add the perfect touch to this sibling pic. Oh and Corbin's shoe is untied. 

This one is just so funny... Those shoes. I can't. 

My brother and his gf are only in town until Monday afternoon so we are going to try to squeeze in as much as we can over the next 2 days! 

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