Sunday, 24 November 2013

Family Fun Day

Started off our Sunday at IHOP... On the way to breakfast jace asked If I could just stay here through Christmas.. I told him I have to work which prompted the question about what my job entails... Trying to explain your job to a 7 year old can be difficult... After I was through he goes "you should just try to get fired".
Pretty funny. 

After breakfast we headed to tour the Lilly mansion. The Lilly family that owns that pharmaceutical company. My dad was in shock that I didn't know who they were.. And I'm still a little unsure who they are. 

Then we went downtown to burn some time before we had to be at the theatre to see White Christmas. 

What would you do with 65 lbs of chocolate?!? 

The play was really good but it was 3 hours long. Jace asked if we were tying to torture him. 

We headed over to Altitude 39 for dinner and bowling. It was a lot of fun!! I won both games...just throwing that out there. 

Dusting his shoulders off. 

Cute teeth. 

It was such a fun day!! 

We are headed to take my brother and Jordan to the airport.. Jace said, can we go ahead and get the crying over with?! Haha. So funny. 

Hope you all have a fabulous evening! 

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