Friday, 15 November 2013

A priceless text conversation & new shoes!

This week went well. I made it to crossfit 3 times so far and I plan to go tonight. I am going to say this again, it feels good to be back in my old routine. Over the summer I was a total slacker with my workouts and getting back into it was not easy but I did it! Now if I can just get my clean eating back on track.

Christmas is getting so close! This year has really flown by. I cannot believe it.
Every year for Christmas my step-dad orders me new shoes. I usually go on Nike ID and design my own over the top colorful shoes. This year I designed a pair of Crossfit Lifting Shoes (see below)...I clicked on the "Share" button after I was done designing them and noted that he should just place the order without looking at the price. These babies are $190.00! He sure does loves me.
The kind of people who wear this kind of shoe at my gym are hardcore-diehard-crossfitters. I have regular crossfit shoes but these are the ultimate crossfit shoes for lifting only. I tried on a pair the other day and they provided stability while lifting due to the thick plastic heel and they are super comfortable. These are going to be a little motivation tokeep my butt in the gym.
I just love getting new shoes... dont you!?
I cannot wait to wear these babies.

This weather in Houston has been so nice this week.
I am taking full advantage of wearing scarves & boots.

I may have worn this scarf twice this week.. oops.
Texting with my friend Nicole is always interesting....she doesn't always proof read before hitting send and sometimes sends texts to the wrong person. Which makes for some hilarious conversations.
This convo below had me laughing so hard I was crying.
I missed lunch one day and I get a text message filling me in...
My thought process:
She wants a hottie in her house to get freaky with her husband?!?!?! Ummm... No way she couldn't be referring to another girl because who wants another girl to get freaky with their husband but a guy getting freaky with her husband is even more weird!!!
The text following all of my " WHAT THE HELL" shocked faces said...
"OMGSH that was supposed to say HOT TUB not hottie!!!!!!"
I died. I could not. That was the best laugh I have had in a while.
Of course I took a screen shot and it is saved in my camera roll in case I  need some cheering up one of these days. This will always be funny to me.
And this is my jam of the week.
Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!
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  1. O my gosh that text was funny, and I don't even know the girl!

    Love those shoes by the way! Great design!