Tuesday, 12 November 2013

One of the hardest things for me to talk about.

Who is ready for Thanksgiving??? This Thanksgiving will be a lot like last years. I am headed to visit family in Indianapolis! I am pretty excited for some cold weather, pecan pie & dressing. Isn't Thanksgiving food the best!?? My Dad, step-mom and little brother moved there 5 years ago. I hate hate hate that they live so far away and they are well aware of my feelings. I do LOVE visiting them because I get to spend time with Jace. My hilarious-awesome-cute little brother will be 7 on December 4th. We have the best time together and I am his favorite sister (only sister). We have a special bond for sure.

This is probably one of the hardest things for me to talk about...  Back in 2008 my parents had sold their house and were living in apartment while they searched for a new home in the Woodlands, so I thought. On Father's Day (2008) I was cooking dinner for the family and I went to the computer to look up a recipe. My heart broke when I saw a web page open to houses in Indianapolis. My step-mom's family lives there and they had mentioned moving there before but never seemed serious. I was devastated.  I decided it was not the best time to bring this up so I held it in and left  after dinner. The following day I told my Dad I needed to talk to him in person, alone. I confronted him about what I saw and he felt horrible (as he should). Little did I know, he had been flying back and forth going on interviews and looking for houses for a few months. He didn't want to break the news to me until it was set in stone and he knew I would be royally pissed. And he is a little scared of me (#truth).  The conversation did not go so smoothly, I was terribly hurt. Fast forward 2.5 months and they were packed up and moving to Indianapolis. It was so crazy to me. I was away at college so I stayed busy and it was easier for me to handle it, but not that easy.

Family is so important to me and I miss them so much, I just wish I could see them regularly. I know some people have family all over the US- How do you do it?! I have had my immediate family close for so long and this change was hard on me. I am thankful that my mom's family is still here in Texas and we are super close. I just wish I had Jace close too.
I just want everything my way, doesn't everyone? haha
Fun Fact: I don't like change.

I miss my brother. Every day.
I miss girl time and shopping with my step-mom.
I miss watching/playing golf with my dad.
I miss not having to pay for flights.
I miss our Saturday trips to Chik-fil-A.
I miss their old house.
I miss just hanging out with them.
I miss the family time.

ONE DAY my dad is going to miss out on so much. I will have a husband and kids and he will be the one missing out and it will suck. For him. For me. For my kids.  For everyone.

On to happier things.... this is what my week of Thanksgiving will look like.
I will take more pictures this year for sure!

7 days of entertainment by this little guy

A lot of football watching.. and playing football
(thumbs down because Jace doesn't like the Texans)

A lot of Wii playing and creating crazy characters
and when its snowing.. you play more Wii

My pups wish they could join the fun.
My mom will be watching them.
And they will be spoiled for a week.
Plus tons of shopping, food & family time. I cannot wait!!!

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  1. You're stronger than I could be about this, my family lives so close and I couldn't imagine it any other way. Not to mention the way they let you find out. :( however, Yay for holidays and family time