Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Just a little recap in pictures.

 Thursday: Ace was pretty excited about his field trip.

We headed over to meet my little sister and hand out candy.
Jillian was Mad Hatter and my hair was a frizz ball.
The super heroes below are my friends and they were obsessed with Ace.
When I am in the neighborhood I always like to drive by the house I grew up in and see what all has changed. I always get a weird feeling when I drive by. So many memories are in this house.

Golf Tournament
Went to see Gravity in 3D. Loved it. And we are cheap so we brought our own candy.
Some people don't know how to open a bag properly. Little sour kids went everywhere!

 Saturday Night: House Concert. What it is- people host a concert at their house and provide dinner, guests are asked to bring a dessert, alcohol and donate $20 to the entertainer.

Excited to see what this concert is all about.

Meredith's dad has a perfect shirt for every occasion. Notice the little music notes.  
I witnessed an accident. This guy backed into a car and he was pretty upset about it.  
 Sunday: Brunch with Mom and Nana at Hugo's. It was amazing and the weather was perfect.
Then I took my little babies to the dog park so they could hang out with their friends.
Totally pooped after the dog park.
Got my car washed for the first time in monthsssssss. It needed it. Bad.
Happy Tuesday!

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