Thursday, 7 November 2013

I tasted a little too much wine last night...

I went to a wine tasting last night with some ladies from work. After a few glasses of wine we learned a lot about each other and we did not stop laughing. Our conversations went downhill fast. We discussed strip clubs, ex-boyfriends, drugs & Miley Cyrus (she will be in town on March 19, 2014 and I will have tickets). Very professional.  We planned our next outing to the classiest establishment in Houston... La Bare (ew ew ew). We are going to act like it's my Bachelorette Party. I am going to wear the veil and all. That is two weeks away so be looking for that post! Ohh the things I agree to when I am under the influence of alcohol....

Nicole broke her wine glass..
So she drank it all because she cant sit it down...


Nicole and I
Just my signature pose.

And then this happened... A guy walked over to our table, sat down and made himself comfortable. He said he had his eyes on me all night and wanted to take me dancing. If he was under the age of 35 and decent looking I would've said- When? But he was 50! What the hell?! He is older than my parents! - so, as usual, I said, "Thank you but I don't think my fiance will like that very much. I am getting married December 31st, if I don't call it off before then. It probably isn't going to work out so I will keep you posted if I decide to be a runaway bride and take you up on that dance." I almost couldn't keep a straight face because he was looking at me like I was crazy., but I held it together. He proceeded to ask where my ring was and I told him it was getting cleaned. He said congratulations and left us alone. And that is how I like to get strange men away from me.


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  1. Haha! That's awesomely funny, ad so creepy.
    That was a great comeback too...the ring being cleaned.