Friday, 22 November 2013

I am not sick anymore!!!

A little weekend recap on Friday because my brain has been cracked out all week and I couldn't really think straight. I stayed home from work Tuesday - Thursday with an upper respiratory infection and strep. I watched way too much TV and slept for hours and hours. Thank goodness I feel better because I am headed out of town tomorrow!

LAST Friday after work I headed over to my friend Lindsey's new house. Her house is super cute and girly. Below are some pictures of her shabby chik furniture... Some of which she refinished on her own! - I wish I had the patience to actually do Pinterest crafts (or anything on Pinterest, I find awesome recipes and leave the grocery store with a box of brownie mix = fail ).I'm that person that would pay out the ass for furniture like this because I think about how much times goes into it.... Patience. I need patience.

She bought this for $20 and put about
10$ into refinishing it!

Table & chairs = $150.00 and put
another $40 into refinishing it.

Table & chairs = $50.00 and put about
 $10 into refinishing it.

She bought the blue entertainment piece
already refinished for $400.00

She bought the coffee table
already refinished for $100.00

Her house is adorable and it really made me want a house... but I see myself living in an apartment for a little longer...Honestly, I don't mind it at all.. a pool I can use all the time and no yard work. + +

Saturday we went to the mall and I was in the mood to shop but I didn't find anything I just HAD to have... well I did leave with a dress from Express. All dresses were 40% off and I had a $15.00 reward so It was only $19.00. Couldn't pass it up.

Saturday night I went out with some girls from college and I made Lindsey tag along. Sometimes I get a little worried with merging groups of friends but everyone got along great! Most of my college friends can get a little cray cray (sometimes bitchy) and Lindsey is probably my most reserved friend...I had a little anxiety because I always want everyone to be friends. Anyways, we had a great time!

Lindsey & I

1.25 fireball whiskey shots. Yes please.

Sunday I woke up and my sinuses were insane... Looked in my medicine cabinet and saw Benadryl Sinus... Took 2 and headed to my moms to help her prepare food for our family dinner. I got to her house and immediately had to lay down. I didn't understand why I was so tired but I couldn't keep my eyes open. UGH MAYBE BECAUSE I TOOK BENADRYL! Dumbest thing I have done in a while. It had me out of whack all day. Anyways, I slept for a few hours and felt a little better. 
Dinner at my Nana & Papaws house was amazing as usual. 
Dessert is the most important thing right?! Pumpkin pie, spice cupcakes &
chocolate pie. I was totally bummed they didn't have pecan pie.
Guess I'll have to wait until thanksgiving day.
Dining Room

My Nana knows a little something about decorating.
I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. It is getting cold here in Houston!
I am off to Indianapolis tomorrow for 8 days!!!
Oh and I got great news, My brother Corbin & his girlfriend (Jordan) are flying to surprise my Dad.
My Dad is going to freak! He hasn't seen my brother in a whole year and has never met Jordan. I am so excited for some great family time!

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