Thursday, 20 November 2014

Holiday decor.

I have never put up decorations in my apartment. Doesn't matter what holiday, I'm not doing it. I have considered it a few times but then the thought of having to pack that shit away in January changes my mind. Bo on the other hand cannot wait to have our own house so he can put lights up and the whole 9 yards. This year, since we are in an apartment, he decided that just a tree would do. 

We had a discussion about what kind of tree and who was going to decorate it... Blah blah blah. I wasn't feeling it but he pressed on and said "it will be fun". 

Sure, it will be fun..... Well you know what is fun. Doing something nice for someone and surprising them. 

Last night I drove my happy ass to Walmart for a cheap pre-lit tree because I needed to make this as easy on myself as possible. I was so determined to get this damn tree I had to visit 2 walmarts due to these fancy trees being a hot commodity. Well, I got it and put this bad boy together all by myself. Feeling super accomplished and my work is done. Not really, Pinterest has taken over my evenings and now I get to buy decorations.... $$$. I'll use Bo's credit card and tell him "it will be fun". 

Pups are scared to death of it and won't get off the couch.


I can't wait to see how excited bo is. 

Oh and next week we at both off ALL WEEK! 
We have a little road trip planned with family visits along the way. So pumped! 

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