Friday, 14 November 2014

Jiffy Lube

To the entire noon staff of Jiffy Lube,

Thanks for taking your sweet ass time today when I stopped in to get a quick oil change. I had one precious hour to break from work and I had the pleasure of dealing with such kindness. I realize it is cold outside and you would rather be at home, as would I, but everyone has a job to do. After the treacherous experience is over, you want me to rate your services from 1 – 5 as one of you stood over my shoulder and apologized for the wait. Not going to lie, these places are always a little sketch to me so I gave all you assholes a 5 because you scare me.

Bocita comes home today! & I have a secret mission this weekend. I will fill you all on Monday.

1 comment:

  1. this made me giggle. i have always hated jiffy lube. in college they would bring random things from under the hood of my care that HAD TO BE FIXED for right around $400 a piece. ;o)