Monday, 17 November 2014

Monday Monday Monday

So today is a payroll day, which means I am swamped, so I typed this little bit of randomness last night...

Friday Bo got home late so I had a little dinner prepared.. = me seeing Papa Murphy's and getting us my favorite pizza. He loved my fancy candle lit dinner. 

We headed to his house on Saturday morning, he had every intention of cleaning out his boat/ getting it ready to sell- but we ended up spending the day with his grandma because it happened to be her 69th birthday. 

We walked into her house. 
Me "Bo, look at those flowers (With one of those little plastic "happy birthday" signs), when is her birthday?" 
Bo "I don't know... I guess this week some time"
Grandma enters the room... "Hey what are yall doing here"
Bo "Just came in to see you and take you to lunch for your birthday" (nice save)

She bragged all day that we came in town to surprise her for her birthday. 

Bo = "grandson of the year" on accident.

Also bought Bo some youth XL under armor pants and a Large hoodie because the hanger posted different sizes. Note to self: I will never buy something without looking at the tag from here on out. Good times. 

Oh and fancy new glasses are in. They make a world of difference. #officeselfie

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