Monday, 20 January 2014

I might as well get a 2nd job at Express.

This weekend was pretty great. Friday night I went to crossfit (I went 5 days last week!) then had dinner at my friend's house. Dinner was filled with gluten & tons of cheese. I needed a dinner like that. & I didn't feel bad because I did great all last week.
Saturday morning I headed to the Woodlands to meet my little, Courtney, for lunch & shopping. Getting my hair done in the mall turns my little hair appointment into a day of shopping.
First stop. Express. They had 50% off already marked down items. So the only full price items were this green jacket & leopard top. Plus I had 2 x $15 rewards and $25 off every $75 so my total came out to $130.00 = 5 tops + jacket. I felt really good about my purchase.
These were $5-$10 each. Couldn't pass them up.
& then we went to Forever 21. I have not shopped in this store in ages. But I found a few tops I can layer. I layer everything, every day.

& then my hair appointment rolled around and the shopping came to a halt. I decided to get some red in my hair. I love it. & my straightener is still getting fixed so I have gotten pretty good with my curling iron. It takes me about 10 minutes.


Sunday started off with a great sermon at church. I went to a friend's Church that is 3 minutes away from my apartment and I will for sure be going back. I really liked it. >> This week I will strive to rejoice, pray & give thanks daily.
Then I took the boys for a walk.
Then I went for a little run, jog, walk.
Then did a tasty experiment with Italian dressing
and almond flower. Sucess.
Spaghetti squash + ground turkey meat +
pasta sauce + 2% mozzarella cheese
= lunch this week
Then I went to Sarena's & did planks and
headstands while her boyfriend
tried to watch the football games.
Their pup "Que" loves me.

Happy Monday!
I hope everyone's week is off to a great start!

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