Monday, 27 January 2014

New recipe, make-up organizer & I deserve a Grammy for my song.

Friday night I decided to get a little crazy & attempt a Pinterest recipe... thank God this wasn't a total fail. Sweet potato, Quinoa & onion cakes. I need to play around with the seasoning a little more but overall they were pretty good!
Cooked 1 cup quinoa
2 Cups sweet potato
(heated in microwave)
Sauteed some onions
(Don't worry, I cleaned my stove)
Made some patties and placed them in the
pan with some olive oil.
I liked the outside a little crunchy.
Total success.

Saturday morning I met a friend at Memorial Park and ran 3 miles then had brunch at Barnaby's Cafe. I got huevos rancheros, which totally hit the spot.
Then I made a pit stop at Home Good's on my way home.
 I found this make-up organizer for 20 bones which I thought was a pretty good deal and I have been wanting one forever so I wasn't too concerned about the price. 
I Love it.

 Saturday night I played the hilarious game of Quelf with some friends.
Overall the game is pretty random with a mix of trivia , pictionary & guesters. At one point I had to go to the bathroom to put water on my face & return singing a song about offshore fishing.
Which went a little something like this...
I skipped in a circle around everyone singing a song I wrote in about .25 minutes.
"I just got back from my fishing trip, the sea was rough and the boat almost sank... but I survived...and the tide was bad so we didn't catch anything..."
I wish someone got this on tape.


Sunday started off with an awesome church sermon about giving thanks to our blesser instead of our blessings. Good stuff. Had lunch with my grandma followed by some laziness.

Cheers to another week! Happy Monday!

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  1. Ok, so going to make that! Looks amazing. And love home goods and organizing. Makes me so happy happy happy!