Friday, 3 January 2014

Sketchy ride home.

This pretty much sums up my vacation

The past week in Winter Park was a blast. I will sum it up fast...Went toobing, skied 4 days, the altitude made everything 438219 harder, drank some local blueberry beer (which was amazing), and oh I also got into a strangers car. dun dun dunnnnnn. 
Please excuse the grammar in this post, I kind of forgot how to write dialogues and I am sure (",  " ) < these things are in the wrong place.
New Year's Eve Ashton and I went out in the big town of Winter Park, bar hopped & met some crazy individuals. I think the shot we took at midnight sent me over the edge a little. I was ready to go home at 1:00. I was on the verge of spinning and getting really sick. Ashton was not ready to leave the bar yet so I went outside to get a taxi. As soon as I walked outside the taxi was driving off. (Note: Taxis there are big 15 passenger vans that make rounds and it is a flat fee of $5 per person and they drop you off wherever you need to go. The town is super small.) When the taxi drove off I waited for a moment thinking another one would pull up soon. Nope. I was wrong. By this time there are a few other people waiting for the taxi. A guy walks up and asks, "Are you all waiting for a ride home?" Which we all replied Yes.  Then he proceeded to say, "I can drive y'all, I am sober tonight and I am taking people home." Which sounded great. He runs inside for a second then returns points at me and says, "I can only take her because I have a 2 seater truck." My eyes get wide and I look around at the other hopeful passengers... we exchanged looks of "oh shit this is creepy".... I GOT IN HIS TRUCK. (< what the hell Ashten?!)... I get in, buckle my seat belt and pray that I get back to the condo alive. He asks if I have a credit card on me because he needs gas and he can only pay with a card since the actual store is closed at this hour. I said no, I only have a few dollars left on me (thinking he wouldn't try to rob a girl for just a few dollars)...he says it's cool, I should have enough gas... As we are driving to the condo I am very aware and make sure that we are going in the right direction, which we were... he gets a phone call and I hear his side of the conversation... "Yea man, what bar are you at, I am taking this chick home and then I will come pick you up, do you have a credit card on you because I need some gas..oh yea I got that for you too, I will hook you up bro, see you soon." .......he pulls up to my condo- I give him $20 jump out and get in the condo quick.
Not the safest/best decision I have ever made.
I said some prayers and thanked God for getting me home safe.
I hope everyone had a great Christmas
& Happy New Year!
I am so thankful today is Friday and I have the next 2 days to rest up.
I need to go shopping this weekend, my work Holiday Party is next Saturday and I need to find something to wear. I think I want a purple dress- something that I dont have to buy new shoes for. We will see if I stick to my plan.

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