Thursday, 13 February 2014

Happy Galentines Day!!!!

I hope everyone is eating tons of chocolate (or sour patch kids) and not giving two shits about the amount of calories consumed today. I know I am. I took the day off of work today, not because I have a luxurious 3 day getaway with a handsome man, but because I have a ton of errands to take care of and some of the places are not open on weekends. So while I am out and about I may just stumble into DSW for some new kicks... and/or treat myself to a mani/pedi....but I will not buy myself any clothes. (I am sticking to my promise to not buy any clothes this month.)

A few weeks ago I joined these two lovely ladies >> Allie & AshtEn for a Valentine's Day link up. Each blogger was paired up with a "Galentine". I got pretty lucky and was paired up with Kai... so I did a little stalking and came up with a list of items. The hard part was sticking to 20 bones..but who is counting!? I don't think I have ever only spent $20 in Target. Ever. I think I picked out some great things for her! I left feeling so accomplished because I am usually that person who gets frustrated and leaves with a gift card. I mean, who doesn't like gift cards though?! Kai will be covering what I got her on Tuesday >  Hey Kai 

My package from Kai arrived!!!!
The amount of excitement that I had when I saw this box is a tad embarrassing.

Look at that fancy artwork and cute wrapping paper! - this is when I immediately thought, "Well, my packing skills were put to shame." I literally went to the UPS store with the gift (still in Target bag) with some boring white wrapping paper, stuffed the box and called it a day. > I will do better next time Kai!

The card was too cute!

It seems as though the card was blank but there was a sweet little note inside!

Girl knows how to shop...this box was packed filled with greatness!!

& I spent the rest of the night sitting on my couch eating some the entire bag of Sour Patch Kids and applying a shit ton of chapstick.

Yes, I painted Ace's nails (and his toe fur). Don't let that face fool you, he loved it.

& This is what happened during lunch yesterday. I forgot to paint the other ring finger gold!
Oops. Sorry Nicole!! Those colors are just amazing & I cannot wait to get this shellac off my nails this weekend so I can paint mine!

Thank you SO MUCH for my amazing gift Kai!
I LOVE everything!

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  1. GOSH I just love your humor! And I'm extremely jealous of that blue nail color... I'm going to have to go shopping today after work, for sure...

  2. I'm so glad you loved it all! Your pictures are way too cute! We ended up staying an extra day so I'm picking up the package today :)))) Cant wait!