Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Weekend recap.

Well my first full week of the new job was insane and a blur and I wonder if and when things will ever slow down. 

I really miss showing up to work and bullshitting while casually catching up on emails/blogging for the first few hours and then consider being productive for the day. I literally get to work early (crazy I know) and it's madness right away.

I am the only female in the office right now which means I do everything. EVERYTHING. I kid you not, today one of the guys asked me how to create a folder on his desktop. I laughed like, are you kidding?! Ummm, right click > create > new folder. Then he says, ok can you show me that one more time. UM, NO. IM TOO BUSY FILLING OUT YOUR BULLSHIT PAPERWORK. Gosh, I just had to laugh. Men..

So over the weekend was the Houston Rodeo Cookoff. We sponsored a tent so on Thursday night we had clients out there for a little meet and great. The clients left around 10 and it went downhill fast. After the Cookoff ended, we ended up at Wild West around midnight. Friday I rolled into the office about 11 for a meeting and was home by 3. Took a
nap and headed back out to the Cookoff
at 7. Aaaaand did the same thing Saturday night. Sunday slept all day and had some Mexican food to help cure the 3 day hangover. 


Tonight I am off to see Brad Paisley with some lovely ladies. 

Oh and... 13 days until the concert of the year!!! 

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