Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Homeless man tried to holler.

Yesterday, between a meeting and happy hour I spent some time driving around downtown on a Starbucks hunt..after 40 minutes I actually found 1 that I could get to without paying to park or walking 4 blocks. All that for a coffee and cake pop (< have you tried those?) 

I saw several things while I was driving around that made me think "THANK GOD I DO NOT WORK HERE" 

- huge groups of people cramming on metro busses. 

Ladies walking (probably to the busses) carrying their heels, also it was raining.. I wanted to give them a ride.

- people have to walk everywhere 

- parking is expensive

- thugs & Sketchy areas

Anyways, it was time for happy hour so I went on another hunt for a parking space... Found one 2 blocks away from the bar and began walking fast. The bar was in sight and I was feeling safe until I heard a homeless guy "holler" at me as i passed. "Hey girl, I like that dress, where you headed!" I didn't know I could walk faster that I already was, but it happened. 

Anyways, today I am in a seminar learning about Texas Mutual... So fun. 

My dad, step-mom (heather) & jace arrive tonight!!!! I am so excited! 

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