Monday, 10 March 2014

Guys VS Me

Working in an office with all guys is interesting.

The other day, the guys were sitting around bullshitting (while the boss was gone) and  they got on the topic of Siri and then they asked her some questions...

Siri, are you gay?
Siri, will you sleep with me?
Siri, will you go to dinner with me?

Keep in mind these are grown ass men. I was dying.

One said, you know Ashten is in her office. Followed by someone saying, we need to put bells on her pants so we know when she is around. Followed by, yea she is going to learn so much by working with us she will never want to get married. Followed by, yea when her husband tells her he is going hunting she will say, "the hell you are" and check every gun case to find where the starched clothes are hidden. Followed by, I just take my clothes straight to the cleaners and pick them up when I need them and the wife never knows. SERIOUSLY?!?!

I am learning some valuable information. And I am also learning that these men aren't the best husbands. Good guys still exist right?????

Hope you all have a great week!


  1. oh my goodness! Guys are so funny, I love that you didn't let them know you could hear them at any point.... hahah. Good luck dear!