Friday, 7 March 2014

Hey, its me again.

Holy shit balls. < I literally just said that and it's only 8 AM. I feel like I need to start my day off with (at least) 30 minutes for blogging to get on top of this being a blogger thing, and get my fix. Let's be real, I think people read this mess while they are at work. Right? Is it like a rule that we are supposed to post in the morning? When I used to read blogs all day I liked it when people had set days & times when they post. There is no consistency here.. well there used to be and I hope it will be back soon.

I just feel like I have been living in a tornado, shit it everywhere, I am being pulled in a million directions, I can barely remember what I did 10 minutes ago and what I need to do next. My mind is blown.

Moving on...

Houston Rodeo is under way... tonight I will be seeing Usher! I am so excited!!!

I have no other plans for the rest of the weekend which makes me really happy.

OMG (feat. by Usher on Grooveshark

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  1. Sounds like a rough Friday, I haven't started cussing yet haha. Yes I think we all catch up on these at work. I never seem to find the time to read at home.

    Enjoy the rodeo and the rest of your weekend