Monday, 21 October 2013

Weekend Update

I started off this weekend with big plans. I was packed and ready to catch a flight to Indianapolis to visit my Dad, Step-Mom and little brother. My grandmother retired from Continental and I fly stand-by. It is free but I take the risk of the plane filling up and not getting on the flight. I left work on Friday and there was 2 seats left on the flight. By the time I got to the gate to board the flight was full. I was pretty bummed but I get to spend the week of Thanksgiving with them so I will see them soon! I bought that ticket so I don't have to worry about the plane being book.
I have my seat!
I left the airport and decided to meet up with a few friends in the Heights for a drink. We went to Cottonwood. Very cool place and I loved the lighting. They have seating indoors and outdoors.
We will definitely be going back there!
Saturday morning I went and got a pedicure and I proceeded to paint each nail a different color while waiting (childish, I know). My friend dared me to leave them like this until Tuesday but I decided to take the polish off since I have to meet with clients today. I have to try to be professional.

I went with the color on my pinkie (on the left in the photo/ purple is in right?)

Saturday afternoon I drove to the Woodlands to get my hair done. I decided to get a little crazy and added some low lights, still pretty blonde overall.
My colourist just happens to be one of my best friends and sorority sisters. She just got engaged last Tuesday so we chatted about wedding plans for 2 hours. And this girl will be a bridesmaid!!
Sunday I went to my first Houston Dynamo game! Soccer is a fun sport to watch. I played for several years as a child and it kind of made me miss it! And even though it was cold outside we stopped for ice cream.

I forgot to take one when they were pretty.
That about sums up my weekend.
This week I am going to work on taking more photos to capture my life happenings.
Have a great week!

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  1. Can't wait to see how your hair turned out! I am sure it looks great!