Thursday, 31 October 2013

How I started playing golf & Chanel 321.

Thank God it is Friday ya'll! I am out on the golf course playing  trying to play golf today.

My Dad told me back when I was a little one that I would thank him one day for teaching me how to play golf. There was no choice on my part, he bought me cheap clubs and took me to the driving range when I was in junior high. I picked it up pretty fast which wasn't a surprise since I was pretty much a badass at every sport I tried. I really was, and I have a shit ton of trophies in my Mom's attic to prove it. Ok enough bragging. So, I started high school and golf try outs rolled around. My Dad had me at the driving range every night leading up to try outs. Side note: my Dad is not the best golfer himself. I am sure people got a good laugh seeing him shank balls and then try to correct my swing. Anyways, my best friend and I tried out for the team on the same day. Try outs consisted of playing 3 holes with the coach. I guess slicing the ball in the woods and hitting one in the water wasn't that bad because I made the team! My Dad was super excited and decided to invest in private lessons at Red Stone to improve my game and the chances of me getting a college scholarship. The lessons helped and I was shooting in the low 80's high 70's on a good day. Not that bad!

Side Story: My brother tried out for the team 2 years later (when he got in high school). He defiantly did not get the athletic gene and all he cared about was chasing girls and watching cartoons (not sure what girls wanted to date a cartoon watcher at the age of 14 but some did- I still give him shit about this). I digress. Corbin totally blew it during try outs. Hole 1 of 3 was a par 5. It took him 17 shots (hahahaha). Needless to say, poor guy didn't make the team so he got to watch all the cartoons he wanted.  

So I played golf all through high school. Practice every day and lessons on the weekends started getting in the way of my awesome social life senior year. Spring of my senior year, I decided to quit. I told my coach my heart was not in it anymore and I no longer enjoyed playing every day. He respected my decision and on my way I went. I get home from practice and break the news to my Mom. Oh hey mom, I quit golf today. Like it was no big deal.  Oh it was a BIG deal to her. She wanted to kill me but decided to make me get a job instead. < So this is when I got my first job that got in the way of my social life even more than golf practice! Hostess at Texas Roadhouse. I need to write a letter to little Ashten. She sure could use some good advice.

Now, since I know how to play golf I get to play every once in a while for work! So, thank you Dad for teaching me how to play this wonderful drinking game of golf. :)

For those of you who hate your butt......Chanel 321.
Have a good weekend!!!

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  1. Good for you...I'm not a golfer, at all. In fact, it brings out the worst in me. I can play nearly any sport. I can ball ya know? But I can't hit that tiny miserable gosh darn ball. I wish I could, but I cat!