Thursday, 24 October 2013

Girl Talk

What is a girl to do when a guy keeps texting her and she is uninterested? Stop replying. He will get the hint. I have been told I can be heartless at times but no need to waste my time or his.

Long story short, friend goes out to a bar and meets up with a co-worker and his roommate for some drinks. A few beers later girl and roommate have a drunken kiss. Roommate gets girls number. Girl isn't that interested. Roommate is really interested. Girl thinks nothing of the drunken kiss. Guy thinks it’s a sign from God. Roommate texts girl. Girl responds because she works with his friend and doesn’t want to be rude. Guy asks girl to movies. Girl says yes. Guy says he is excited to see her. Girl is dreading it. Girl decides to cancel day before. Guy thinks girl is ditching him. Guy is right. Girl makes up a good excuse and guy goes with it. Guy has texted girl every day. Girl replies.

Girl asked for my opinion so I put in my two cents.

1. She shouldn't have kissed him. (he isn't the cutest thing in the world ((sorry M but he isn’t))... I blame her beer consumption)

2 She should've kept texting to a minimum stop replying once she realized he was flirting.

3. She shouldn’t have agreed to go to the movies.

4. Next time she sees him, be friendly and act like nothing happened.

Guys can be persistent. When you are uninterested, are you nice and friendly or cold and heartless (like me)?

Its almost Frifday!!!


  1. I would try to emphasize the friend component. I would text back "Hey Buddy, a movie sounds great, but....." or "Hey homie--its hard in this big city to meet cool friends--so glad we hit it off.

    I would just try to emphasize that, and hopefully he gets the point.

  2. I have a thought---you should totally ask my dad for advise and see what he says. He was totally the ladies man when he was younger......make him tell you stories--you will laugh so hard!!! :)

    1. Yes, I will ask him for sure! Since he is off on Fridays now I will have to catch him on Monday! :)
      I can't wait to hear some stories- He is too funny!