Monday, 28 October 2013

I took my own vodka into a bar.

My weekend started off with a bang. Lost both softball games. No surprise here. Ended the season with an outstanding record of 0-14. Thank God the season is over. I ended up drinking some beers with the guys and went home.

Saturday I woke up and felt crafty. Went to Hobby Lobby and made a new costume. This costume consisted of a tutu and if you have made a tutu before you will understand the horrible mood it put me in. I don't even want to discuss it. Fast forward a few hours and I am on the way to my friends house (1.5 hrs away). The big city of Liberty.

disregard the nasty bug guts on my windshield
I take several back roads to their house and its impossible to remember how to get there so my GPS is necessary. When I get close to their house Siri says, "Be prepared to stop and walk to your destination." I guess their driveway isn't on Siri's map.

This is where Siri wanted me to park.

Devil & Indian at the Halloween party #1.

 We decided to stop by the local bar on the way home.
Just some locals out on the town Saturday night.

They let you bring in your own liquor.

I was pretty excited about my Titos.

Trying to sneak a pic of the classy waitress.
Happy Monday!

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