Friday, 11 October 2013


My little sister, Jillian, is in 8th grade this year. There is a 12 year age gap here. Long story short, my mom married my step-dad back in 1997 and he did not have any kids so they had one, she wasn't an accident. haha - I was, my mom gave birth to me at the age of 19- bless her heart I couldn't have done that. I digress. When she was pregnant I was praying for a little boy. I was the only granddaughter and favorite of course. We did not find out the sex until she was born. My brother and I walked into the delivery room and found out we had a new sister. I was totally bummed (such a brat). I decided it would be cool to have a little sister after holding her and seeing how perfect she was. What I didn't realize was she would become one of my favorite people in the whole world. Seriously, this kid is hilarious and I cannot get enough of her. I am so proud to be her sister.

Houston Rodeo 2013
Before her choir concert last night.
After the concert, Princess needed to ride to the car.

Texans game 2012
best. softball.  picture. ever. 


This weekend I am off to Huntsville for SHSU Homecoming game and a little ZTA reunion. Can't wait!

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