Thursday, 31 October 2013

21 Day Project: Day 2 + A Few Randoms

Day 2 Exercise: Ask the Five Fateful Questions to get insight into what might be holding you back.
With greater self-knowledge, we’re better able to make hard decisions that reflect our own nature, our own interests, and our own values.
When I am facing a risk or being hesitant to go after what I want, these are the 5 questions I should will start asking myself:
1. What am I waiting for?
2. What would you do if you knew people wouldn't judge you? (don't worry about what other people think)
3. What are the risks involved?
4. Will there be another opportunity like this?
5. What is the worst, and the best, that could happen?
The Something Store Come to find out, this site is pretty popular these days. You go to the site, select the amount of items you want to purchase ($10.00 each) and they are shipped to you (all in one shipment but in their own bag). Fun for a group of friends and everyone laughs because the gifts are pretty random. Anyways, my friend ordered 3 items from The Something Store and we each opened our gift the other night. Christina got the scarf. Meredith got the earrings. Lucky me got the nose & ear hair trimmers. I am definitely saving this for a Christmas gag gift. I am sure my brother wait to open his gift! #1 sis right here.
Does anyone else drive with your knee from time to time? 
Sonic cheese sticks and ranch are a weakness after a night out. I was desperate on Sunday so knee driving was a must. I evaluated the risk and decided it was safe enough. There weren't many cars on the road and it was a straight shot.  

Halloween Costumes
Referee. I think everyone wore this costume at some point.

A nurse of some sort, I don't have a good picture.
My little sister was Wednesday. She didn't smile the entire time. It was amazing.
I have no idea what my brother was.
I was Ashten.
Dominoes 2010
Had to google for correct spelling, almost spelt it like the pizza place.
This was the easiest, most comfortable, costume ever.

Ke$ha 2012


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  1. I drive with my knees all the time! I know I shouldn't but I do.
    Love that you went as Ke$ha.....I tell my husband that his love is my drug. He just rolls his eyes at me and tells me to learn better music!