Sunday, 1 December 2013

This Sunday is no fun day.

Just said goodbye to my Indiana family, I always push my limits when it comes to making a flight. I just got to my gate and we board in 15 minutes..

I hate leaving this little guy.. His fashion sense is on point and those muscles are impressive. 
At dinner before the pacers game.
Putting our heads together playing hangman. 
Jace's school project. We had to decorate these mittens without using colors. Due to the limited amount of supplies we had to get creative. Jace insisted on "thumb balls"...I would buy them.

Anyways.. had a great time here in Indy!  I am leaving 15-30 degree weather and headed for a whopping 65 degrees in Houston. Seriously it is December. Get it together texas. 

Oh my gosh it's my BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!! December is always an exciting time of year. Wednesday is my birthday dinner with the family and next weekend I am headed to Galveston for a weekend with some of my best friends. I cannot wait!!! 

Have a great Sunday! 

I am going to try and finish this bad boy on the plane. 

OMG 1 more thing. Did anyone see that Alabama/ auburn game?! Impressive. 

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  1. That game was amazing. I don't like Saban, so I'm always happy when bama loses. Glad you had a good trip! And happy bday month. When is it?