Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Weekend Recap & Photo Dump

Friday after work I headed over to my moms house to get a Christmas tree & have dinner.
Instead of bribing us to take pictures with Santa she made us wear these to pick out a tree.

I think the tree turned out really pretty. My Mom has always been a fan of a red and silver tree. We have had these decorations for yearssssss. I think I may buy her a new tree topper for Christmas.
Jillian came home with me because we had a "sister day" planned for Saturday. We really had pictures planned but I needed a reason to steal her for the day. We met brother at our grandparents house for pictures.

My brother made me so mad because he said "This picture
looks like Jillian  is our child. I hate it."
& I LOVED it. He annoyed me all day yesterday.

 Then had lunch and did some shopping so it really was a "sister day" after all.
Excuse her mess of a room.
 Saturday night I went to my first MMA fight. My co-worker's fight was the main event and several people from work went to support him. It was so much fun!
His fight was over in 25 seconds!!! He won his 3rd title & it was amazing.
Then we went out to celebrate.
Fight about to begin...
This guy won against a guy who was a foot taller than him.

This belt is way heavier than it looks & everyone seemed to
post with their fist up so I thought it was only appropriate.

Are you jealous of my 2014 calendar?!  
Thank you Nicole. I Love it!
Sunday, I rested. All day.

This month has been really great. 
8 days until Christmas!!!!!! (I have 1 gift bought)
& 9 days until I go skiing!!!!!


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  1. LOL fists up!

    Your tree looks so pretty!

    Too funny about your brother :P and him annoying you.